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Conservation and Environmental Science Program

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This interdisciplinary, interdepartmental major is directed toward students interested in ecosystem management, natural resources conservation, environmental assessment, and/or environmental interpretation. An overall objective is to provide broad training in biological, chemical, earth, and social sciences to foster a multi-faceted understanding of environmental problems.

Within the major, students may elect to concentrate their studies in one of four areas: Land Resources, Water Resources, Environmental Analysis, or Biological Resources. Students interested in environmental education should plan a general course of study in consultation with the Coordinator early in their program. It is possible to elect either the B.A. or the B.S. degree option, depending partly upon the concentration (see the College of Letters and Science Degree Requirements site for information on general requirements.

Because of the breadth and flexibility of this major, students should consult with the Director and/or Coordinator to plan a course of study, preferably before the start of their sophomore year. It is particularly important to begin the introductory course sequences early, since they are prerequisites for advanced courses.

Students wishing to declare the major can obtain the necessary information and materials from the Biological Sciences Office (Lapham Hall, Room 181) or the CES Program Coordinator's office (Lapham Hall, Room 393) or from their College of Letters and Science advisor.