Chemistry and Biochemistry Facilities

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Lab

This facility consists of two Bruker NMR spectrometers. In addition, several Unix workstations are available for offline data processing. Read more ...

Director: F. Holger Försterling
Room: CHM B10
Phone: 414-229-5035
Website: NMR website

Single Crystal X-Ray Diffraction

Nicholas Silvaggi

A state-of-the-art X-ray diffractometer is available to support chemistry and biochemistry research by providing a means to determine the 3-dimensional structures of proteins and organic compounds. The instrument is housed in the laboratory of Dr. Martin St. Maurice of the Department of Biology at Marquette University. Read more...

Contact: Nicholas R. Silvaggi
Location: CHM 272B
Phone: 414-229-2647

Mass Spectrometry/ICP Lab

Zhiqiang Wang

The Mass Spectrometry Facility includes several high-resolution mass spectrometers to enable the elucidation of molecular structures, as well as atomic mass spectroscopy using ICPMS for trace elemental analysis. Read more...

Director: Zhiqiang (Mark) Wang
Rooms: CHM B1 and B86
Phone: 414-229-4919

High Throughput Screening

Alexander Arnold

Our facility supports the semi-automated execution of high-throughput screening (HTS) of chemical libraries to identify potential inhibitors (or activators) of medically-relevant target molecules. Read more...

Contact: Alexander (Leggy) Arnold
Location: CHM 844
Phone: (414) 229 2612

Electron Microscope Laboratory

Heather Owen

The Electron Microscope Laboratory is located in Biological Sciences, which is adjacent to the chemistry building. The laboratory has a modern electron microscope facility that is used by students, faculty and staff. It is equipped with an Hitachi S570 scanning electron microscope and an Hitachi H600 transmission electron microscope. Read more...

Director: Heather A. Owen
Room: LAP S397
Phone: 414-229-3926

Electronics Shop

Dan Shurilla

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry benefits from the dedicated, full-service electronics shop. Read more...

Contact: Dan Shurilla
Location: CHM 442
Phone: 414-229-4919

The Glass Shop

Neal Korfhage

Neal repairs all types of glassware and equipment for teaching and research. He constructs new equipment, makes graded seals and metal to glass seals. He works with quartz and other special types of glass. Read more...

Director: Neal Korfhage
Member: American Scientific Glassbowers Society
Room: CHM B11
Phone: 414-229-5224