Faculty Viewed Alphabetically

Joseph H. Aldstadt (AM)
Instrumentation design, environmental chemistry
Alexander (Leggy) Arnold (OM, DD)
Drug discovery & development (high throughput screening, medicinal chemistry, and pharmacological profiling)
Anja Blecking (CE)
Science Teacher Education and Comprehensive Student Learning Assessment in Undergraduate Chemistry Courses
Dennis W. Bennett (MN)
Physical inorganic chemistry, X-ray crystallography, molecule-surface interactions, catalysis
Jian Chen (OM, MN)
Organic and materials chemistry, conjugated nanostructures, smart materials, alternative energy
James M. Cook (OM, DD)
Synthetic organic, natural products and medicinal chemistry
Mark L. Dietz (AM)
Chemical separations, ionic liquids, supercritical fluids
David N. Frick (BC, DD)
DNA & RNA metabolism, antiviral drug discovery and development
Peter Geissinger (AM, MN, BP)
Laser spectroscopy of proteins, nanostructured optical fiber sensors, development of analytical instrumentation
M. Mahmun Hossain (OM, DD)
Metal carbenes in organic synthesis; asymmetric organic synthesis
Guilherme L. Indig (BC, DD)
Photochemistry, photodynamic therapy, multidrug resistance in cancer therapy, bioenergetics
Graham R. Moran (BC)
Mechanistic enzymology, oxygenase chemistry, pre-steady state kinetics
Kristen Murphy (CE)
Scale literacy, Differential Item Functioning, and assessment development
A. Andrew Pacheco (BC)
Inorganic enzymology
Xiaohua Peng (OM, DD)
Nucleic acid chemistry and anti-cancer drug discovery
David H. Petering (BC, DD)
Metallobiochemistry: trafficking, toxicity, and drugs
Alan W. Schwabacher (OM, DD)
Combinatorial chemistry, molecular recognition, synthetic chemistry
Nicholas R. Silvaggi (BC, BP, DD)
Structural enzymology, biosynthesis of non-ribosomal peptide natural products
Kristene K. Surerus (BC, BP)
Physical biochemistry, iron metabolism
Wilfred T. Tysoe (MN)
Surface chemistry, tribology
Jorg C. Woehl (AM, BP, MN)
Nanoparticle trapping, single molecule imaging, high resolution laser spectroscopy
AM = Analytical Measurement/Instrumentation
BC = Biological Chemistry/Structural Biology
CE = Chemical Education
DD = Drug Discovery and Development
MN = Materials and Nano Science
OM = Organic/Medicinal Chemistry
BP = Biophysical Chemistry


Carolyn M. Aita

Werner W. Brandt

Benjamin A. Feinberg

E. Alexander Hill

Calvin O. Huber
George Sosnovsky

Ralf Vanselow

Kenneth L. Watters