Research and Academic Staff

Academic Staff

Gloria FreschlGloria Freschl

Senior Lecturer
M.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Mrs. Freschl teaches the nursing General Chemistry course, Organic Chemistry for the Medical Technology students and Chemistry 100. Mrs. Freschl is the Undergraduate Advisor and her office is Room 145.

Thomas SorensenDr. Thomas E. Sorensen

Senior Lecturer
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Dr. Sorensen teaches General Chemistry and Physical Chemistry Laboratory. He also coordinates the assignment of the teaching assistants to laboratory and recitation sections.When Dr. Sorensen is not teaching, he can be found calculating Feynman diagrams for polymers, surfaces, or solids that may be associated with a lattice.

Charles AllenDr. Charles Allen

Visiting Lecturer

Technical and Research Staff

Michelle Koranda

Lab Manager

Michelle is in charge of the general and physical chemistry laboratories, and the computers of the McFarland Learning Center.

Vince Maberry

Lab. Tech.
M.S., Southeast Missouri State U.

Vince is responsible for the organic laboratories and undergraduate instrumentation.

Christopher Johnson

Lab. Tech.

Christopher is currently responsible for general and analytical laboratories. He also supervises the McFarland Learning Center.

Dan ShurillaDaniel Shurilla

Electronics Tech.
B.A. University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Dan Shurilla has over 25 years of electronics experience. He served the UWM Psychology Department from 1985-2003. Designing a wide variety of electronic and mechanical systems such as computer controlled rat, mice, and fish operant chambers, infrared optical sytems, bat in flight motion detectors and much, much, more. He currently is the Electronics Technician for Chemisty, Physics, Biology, and Geosciences. For more detail on Shurilla's projects, visit his personal website

Leonid Lerner


Dr. Lerner is available to assist research groups with their instrumentation needs. He works closely with Dan Shurilla in the construction or modification of instruments.

The modern laboratory makes extensive use of the computer, and the Chemistry Department is no exception with each research group having a variety of personal computers and work stations. Dr. Lerner is responsible for the Department computers systems and network. He is also responsible for Chemistry Department computer laboratory. Dr. Lerner is available to assist faculty and students with their research, involving both hardware and software.

More Research Staff

F. Holger Försterling


Neal KorfhageNeal Korfhage

The Glass Shop