Rasha Abuflaha

Rasha Abuflaha

Ph.D. Student

Expected Year of Graduation: 2015
Research Lab: Professor Eddy Tysoe
Major Area of Focus: Physical Chemistry
Minor Area of Focus: Physical Chemistry
Previously Attended:
Al al-Bayt Univesity, Jordan, 2002, B.Sc. in Chemistry
Al al-Bayt Univesity, Jordan, 2006, M.Sc. in Chemistry

Why I like Chemistry:

I like Chemistry because it is a basic science.  It is all around us.  That is why I am curious about it!

Why I chose the Chemistry and Biochemistry Program at UW-Milwaukee:

I chose the UWM program because I know that I will graduate highly qualified scientifically and practically. 

Favorite things to do in Milwaukee:

There are many interesting things to do in Milwaukee, like walking along Lake Michigan, shopping, attending museums and coffee shops.