Alaknanda P. AminAlaknanda Amin-Patel

M.S. Student

Expected Year of Graduation: 2012
Research Lab: Dr. Jörg C. Woehl
Major Area of Focus: Analytical Chemistry
Minor Area of Focus: Physical Chemistry
Previously Attended:
Montclair State University, 2005, B.S.

Why I like Chemistry:

Chemistry is the central science and impacts on all facets of our lives. An understanding of chemistry is necessary to all other sciences from astronomy to zoology. All of the materials used by engineers and technologists are made by chemical reactions and we all experience chemical reactions continuously, whether it be breathing or baking a cake, driving a car or listening to a battery driven minidisk player. Chemistry is concerned with all aspects of molecules, their physical and chemical properties, their composition and structure, their synthesis and use in the 21st century. I like chemistry because learning it gives me a fuller understanding of the natural world.

Why I chose the Chemistry and Biochemistry Program at UW-Milwaukee:

I chose UW-Milwaukee because there are two great Analytical Chemistry professors with great research opportunities to choose for research. UW-Milwaukee also has lots of professors in different fields with different types of research. Also, for graduate students there is Teaching Assistance program with health benefits available as well. It’s a great school to attend for anyone who likes doing research while grating their M.S. or Ph.D.

Favorite things to do in Milwaukee:

My favorite thing to do is go to Nachsitzenzu after seminars on Friday in Union.

Research Goals:

My goal is to graduate with a M.S. degree with one or two publications and try to learn as much as I can about florescent microscopy.