Noreena L. Sweeney

Noreena L. Sweeney

Ph.D. Student

Expected Year of Graduation: 2015
Research Lab: Prof. David Frick
Major Area of Focus: Biochemistry
Minor Area of Focus: Organic Chemistry
Previously Attended:
University of Illinois at Chicago, 1987-1991, B.S. Computer Engineering
University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, 2008-2010, B.S. Chemistry

Why I like Chemistry:

Chemistry is fun! It allows me to understand real-world phenomena and gives me the tools to solve real-world problems.

Why I chose the Chemistry and Biochemistry Program at UW-Milwaukee:

The Chemistry and Biochemistry Program at UW-Milwaukee is an excellent program, the professors are top-notch teachers and passionate about their research. The staff are all very nice and helpful.

Favorite things to do in Milwaukee:

Watching Milwaukee Repertory Theater plays, hiking Kettle Moraine State Forest, visiting Discovery World and Milwaukee Art Museum, summer festivals.

Research Goals:

Investigate and synthesize transition state analog inhibitors of the Hepatitis C NS3 helicase (NS3h)enzyme. Develop an assay that will utilize NS3h transition state analogs.


Carlson, C.A.; Sweeney, N.L.; Nasse M.J.; Woehl, J.C., "The corral trap: fabrication and software development", Proceedings of SPIE (2010), Volume: 7571, Pages: 757108-757108-6.