Hannah E. Wagie

Hannah E. Wagie

Ph.D. Student

Expected Year of Graduation: 2015
Research Lab: Geissinger
Major Area of Focus: Physical
Minor Area of Focus: Inorganic / Biophysics
Previously Attended:
Univerisity of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, 2006 - 2009, BS - Chemistry with Biochemical Option

Why I like Chemistry:

Chemistry has always been a challenge for me, an engaging & satisfying game for my mind.

Why I chose the Chemistry and Biochemistry Program at UW-Milwaukee:

Having completed my undergraduate degree at UWM after returning to school from a five-year hiatus, I found the chemistry faculty to be knowledgeable and accessible. I continued my graduate research with Dr. Peter Geissinger after a great undergraduate research opportunity with the group that included three poster presentations and an award.

Favorite things to do in Milwaukee:

I love summertime in Milwaukee! The constant lakefront festivals and music events in parks gives this small town a celebration atmosphere from May to September.

Research Goals:

We would like to measure internal electric fields inside myoglobin and hemoglobin using spectral hole-burning as a resolution method for Stark spectroscopy (application of an electric field to affect absorption or emission spectra). This parameter is being explored as a contributor to the impressive ligand discrimination displayed in these proteins, which will require the development of a theory to model the protein matrix as a proper microscopic distribution of electron density as opposed to the macroscopic dielectric material model used currently.


Student poster award, FACSS Conference, 2009 for undergraduate research entitled “Optimizing a Luminescent Dye Mixture for pH-Sensing in Optical Fiber Systems for Water Quality Monitoring”

Student poster award, FACSS Conference SAS Student Session, 2011, for graduate research entitled “Molecular Electric Field Determination in Large Proteins with Hole-Burning Spectroscopy”