Matthew D. Youngblut

Matthew D. Youngblut

Ph.D. Student

Expected Year of Graduation: 2012
Research Lab: Dr. A. Andrew Pacheco
Major Area of Focus: Biochemistry
Minor Area of Focus: Inorganic Chemistry
Previously Attended:
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Why I like Chemistry:

My goal in life is to learn about the world around me in every way possible. Chemistry is a central ground for doing just that.

Why I chose the Chemistry and Biochemistry Program at UW-Milwaukee:

I chose to get my graduate degree at UWM because of the professor I work for, Dr. Pacheco. I had the opportunity to work in his lab as an undergraduate, and I couldn't see myself working for a better boss, so I stayed to work in his lab and am now finishing up my Ph.D.

Favorite things to do in Milwaukee:

I grew up in a small farming town, so the city of Milwaukee is amazing to me. It's the best small city that I've ever been to.

Research Goals:

In our lab we study multi-heme bacterial respiratory proteins using multiple techniques. The main focus these days is on time-resolved UV/Vis spectroscopy and 4-D X-ray crystallography (with the 4th dimension being time).


I am currently in the process of submitting my 1st first author paper in the Journal of Bioinorganic Chemistry. In a short time, just google "Youngblut, et al."...