Mahmun Hossain

M. Mahmun Hossain


Office: Chemistry 745
Phone: 414-229-6698
Website: The Hossain Group Page


Ph.D., University of South Carolina

Selected Publications:

Robert Todd, Peng Gao, M. Mahmun Hossain "New Amine-Stabilized Deuterated Borane-Tetrahedron Complex (BD3-THF): Convenient Reagent for Deuterium Incorporations," Tetraheron Lett., 2007, 48, 2335.

Monzur Morshed, Syarhabil Ahmad, M. Mahmun Hossain, "Bis(Cyclopentadienyl)dimethyltitanium," In Electronic Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis Paquette, L. A.; Fuchs, P. L.; Wipf, P.;Crich, D. C. Eds., John Wiley Co., NY. 2007.

Monzur Morshed, Qinwei Wang, and M. Mahmun Hossain "A New Convenient Method of Synthesizing Uracils," Synth. Commu., 2007, In press.

Mary Rose Atuu and M. Mahmun Hossain "Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of Tropic Acid Ethyl Ester and Its Derivatives," Tetraheron Lett., 2007, 48, 3875.

Matt E. Dudley, Manzur M. Morshed, M. Mahmun Hossain, "A Convenient Method of Synthesizing 3-Ethoxycarbonyl Benzofurans from Salicylaldehydes and Ethyl Diazoacetate," Synthesis, 2006, 1711.