Xiaohua PengXiaohua Peng

Assistant Professor

Office: Chemistry 641
Phone: 414-229-5221
e-mail: pengx@uwm.edu


Ph.D., University of Osnabrueck

Research Description:

My research is interdisciplinary, focusing on nucleic acid chemistry and its applications in other fields including drug discovery, DNA diagnostics, and nanotechnology. A common thread in my research is in understanding the chemical reactivity and function of DNA. As the carrier of genetic information, understanding the chemistry of DNA is extremely important. Our group investigate the structural basis for carcinogenic and anticancer activity of DNA- and protein-modifying agents. Synthetic methodologies are developed to prepare structurally modified nucleosides and amino acids as potential antitumor, antiviral, and/or anticancer agents. We will use the tools of synthetic and physical organic chemistry, as well as biochemistry, and molecular biology for the mechanistic studies of their biological processes.

DNA Cross Link

Our studies on nucleic acids are divided into the following principal areas.

  • DNA-DNA and DNA-protein cross-linking by antitumor drugs and bifunctional carcinogens
  • Drug/nucleic acids interactions
  • The use of modified nucleosides, nucleotides, and oligonucleotides as potential therapeutic agents
  • Modified peptide nucleic acids and their applications for DNA/RNA detection and DNA nanotechnology

My research spans several fields utilizing knowledge and techniques from many areas of science, including organic and bioorganic chemistry, bioanalytical chemistry, medicinal chemistry, materials science, and biology.

Student Education:

Students in my group will receive broad training in synthetic organic, bioorganic, analytical and medicinal chemistry. They will learn techniques such as the synthesis, purification, and characterization of organic compounds, DNA and RNA synthesis, DNA foot-printing, ELISA-assay, enzyme methodology, gel electrophoresis, and HPLC purification.

Selected Publications:

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