Communication Faculty and Academic Staff

Mike Allen, Professor
Social influence processes

Evelyn Ang, Lecturer
Mediation, conflict resolution

Sandra Braman, Professor
Macro-level effects of the use of new information technologies and their policy implications.

Nancy Burrell, Professor
Campus Mediation Center, Certificate in Mediation and Negotiation
Interaction in family, educational and organizational contexts.

Andy Cuneo, Lecturer
Business and professional communication

Kathryn Fonner, Associate Professor
Ph.D. Program Director
Changing nature of the workplace, and how employee communication and behavior continue to evolve due to technological advances

Leslie J. Harris, Associate Professor
Research focuses on rhetoric in public culture, especially as it pertains to representations of gender

Sally Henzl, Senior Lecturer
Interpersonal communication, conflict, and communication theory

John W. Jordan, Associate Professor
Rhetorical theory/criticism, technology and new media, and cultural studies

Sang-Yeon Kim, Assistant Professor
M.A. Program Director
Research interests are focused on social influence and cross-cultural communication.

Tae-Seop Lim, Professor
Face and facework across cultures; characterization of culture as an explanatory scheme; speech and verbal behavior in Asia; intergenerational communication; media language

Kathryn Olson, Professor and Chair
Director of Rhetorical Leadership Program
Rhetorical theory and criticism, argumentation, contemporary American public address

Robert Ricigliano, Adjunct Professor
Director, Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding
Negotiation, facilitation, international mediation, and peace studies

Erin Ruppel, Assistant Professor
Communication technologies, interpersonal communication, health communication, small group communication

Erin Sahlstein Parcell, Associate Professor
Marital and family communication, qualitative methods

Hayeon Song, Associate Professor
Technology and health communication, Quantitative research methods

Erik Timmerman, Associate Professor
Organizational communication, issues related to the selection and use of communication technology

Lindsay Timmerman, Associate Professor
Communication in close relationships, under-studied relationships

Emeritus Faculty

Kathryn Dindia, Emeritus Professor
Sex differences and similarities in communication, self-disclosure, relational maintenance strategies

Jack Johnson, Emeritus Professor
Developing and assessing organizational development and instructional interventions designed to improve communication in profit and nonprofit organizations.

Edward A. Mabry, Associate Professor Emeritus
Communication in mediated contexts