Mike Allen

Mike Allen


Office: NWQ Building B, Room 4598
Phone: 414-229-4261
e-mail: mikealle@uwm.edu
Curriculum Vita: PDF


Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1987
M.A., University of Wyoming, 1983
B.A., Lewis and Clark College, 1981

Research Interests:

Social influence in personal, relational, organizational, media, and public contexts

Teaching Interests:

research methods, nonverbal communication, sexuality, persuasion, and argumentation

Courses Taught:

Argumentation, Sexuality, Meta-Analysis, Quantitative Research Methods, ANOVA and Multiple Regression, Public Speaking, Nonverbal Communication, Communication in a World of AIDS, Philosophy of Applied Communication, Persuasion, Family Communication, Conflict, Organizational Communication

Other Relevant Professional Activities:

2011 Central States Communication Association Federation Research Prize
Former Editor of Communication Monographs, Communication Studies
Ranked in the top 25 of active research career scholars based on number of published works
Top Paper, Peace and Conflict Studies Division, National Communication Association Convention, San Francisco, 2010
Top Three Paper, Argumentation and Forensics Division, National Communication Association Convention, San Francisco, 2010

Recent Publications:

Herrman, Anna R., Omori, Kikuko, McNallie, Jenna, and Allen, Mike R. “Evidence of Analytic Versus Holistic Thinking in Viewing Magazine Images: Preliminary Findings.” Qualitative Research Reports in Communication 14. (2014): 53-61.
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Kelly, Tenzek, Herrman, Anna, May, Amy, Feiner, Benjamin, and Allen, Mike R. “Examining the impact of parental disclosure of HIV on children: A meta-analysis.” Western Journal of Communication 77. (2013): 324-340.
Kim, Sang-Yeon, Levine, T, and Allen, Mike R. “Comparing separate process and intertwined models for reactance.” Communication Studies, Routledge 64. (2013): 273-295.
Cramer, Emily, Tenzek, Kelly, and Allen, Mike R. “Translating spiritual care in the chaplain profession.” Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling 67.3 (2013): 1-16.
Kim, Sang-Yeon, and Allen, Mike R. “Testing an additive model for the effectiveness of evidence on the persuasiveness of a message.” Social Influence, Psychology Press 7. (2012): 65-77.
Lim, Tae-Seop, Allen, Mike R., Burrell, Nancy A., and Kim, Sang-Yeon. “Differences in cognitive relativity between Americans and Koreans’ assessments of self.” Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, Routledge 37. (2008): 105-118.
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