Sang-Yeon Kim

Sang-Yeon Kim

Assistant Professor

MA Program Director

Office: NWQ Building B, Room 4488
Phone: 414-229-3917
Curriculum Vita: PDF (198 kb)


Ph.D., Communication, Michigan State University

Research Interests:

His major research interest involves examining the process of interethnic giving (e.g., students’ community engagement) as a means of promoting natives’ attitudes toward ethnic minorities and vice versa. His current research project seeks to increase the level of comfort for initiating intercultural communication in multi-cultural communities.

Courses Taught:

Commun 350: Introduction to Intercultural Communication
Commun 464: Theories and Practices of Social Influence
Commun 700: Quantitative Research in Communication
Commun 864: Communication and Social Influence

Recent Research

Kim, Sang-Yeon, Kim, J, and Lim, Tae-Seop. “The impact of relational holism on conflict management style in colleagueship and friendship: A cross-cultural study.” Studies in Communication Sciences, Elsevier 13. (2013): 58-66.
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