Tae-Seop Lim

Tae-Seop Lim


Office: NWQ Building B, Room 4592
Phone: 414-229-6819
e-mail: tslim@uwm.edu
Curriculum Vita: PDF


Ph.D., Communication Studies, Michigan State University
M.A., Communication Studies, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
B.A., Mass Communication and Political Science, Seoul National University


My research focuses upon cross-cultural, international, and global communication processes. I am particularly interested in identifying the most fundamental constructs that bring about cultural differences. Recently, I am working on a theory of culture, that can overcome the limitations of well-known cross-cultural theories such as Hofstede's cultural dimensions and Hall's theory of context.

Courses Taught:

Commun 350: Intercultural Communication
Commun 450: Cross-Cultural Communication
Commun 550: International and Global Communication
Commun 750: Theory and Research in Intercultural Communication
Commun 850: Seminar in Intercultural Communication
Commun 950: Theory Development in Communication and Culture

Representative Publications:

Kim, Sang-Yeon, Kim, J, and Lim, Tae-Seop. “The impact of relational holism on conflict management style in colleagueship and friendship: A cross-cultural study.” Studies in Communication Sciences, Elsevier 13. (2013): 58-66.
Lim, Tae-Seop, Kim, Sang-Yeon, and Kim, Jihyun. “Holism: A Missing Link in Individualism-Collectivism Research.” Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, Routledge 40. (2011): 21-38.
Lim, Tae-Seop, Allen, Mike R., Burrell, Nancy A., and Kim, Sang-Yeon. “Differences in cognitive relativity between Americans and Koreans’ assessments of self.” Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, Routledge 37. (2008): 105-118.
Lim, Tae-Seop, and Kim, Sang-Yeon. “Many faces of media effects.” Mass media effects research: Advances through meta-analysis 1. Ed. Preiss, R W., Gayle, B M., Burrell, Nancy A., Allen, Mike R., and Bryant, J. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. (2007): 315-325.