Edward A. Mabry

Associate Professor Emeritus

Phone: 414-229-4371
e-mail: eamabry@uwm.edu
Web Site: people.uwm.edu/~eamabry/
Curriculum Vita: PDF


Ph.D., Speech (Communication), Bowling Green State University, 1972
M.A., Speech Communication, California State College-Long Beach, 1970
B.A., Sociology, California State College-Long Beach, 1968
A.A., Liberal Arts, Long Beach City College, 1966.

Research Interests:

Communication in Face-to-Face and Mediated Groups
Effects of Communication Technology on Groups and Organizations
Communication and Instructional Technology

Courses Taught:

Commun 313: Human Communication and Technology
Commun 323: Communication in Groups and Teams
Commun 410: Organizational Communication Technology
Commun 710: Managerial Communication
Commun 813: Mediated Communication
Commun 823: Small Group Communication

Recent Publications:

Burrell, N. B., Mabry, E. A. & Allen, M. (2010). Gender style differences in mediated communication. In J-R Park & E. G. Abels (Eds.), Interpersonal relations and social patterns in communication technologies: Discourse norms, language structures and cultural variables (pp. 121-140). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Allen, M., Bourhis, J., Mabry, E. A., Burrell, N., & Timmerman, E. (2006). Some comparisons of distance learning to face-to-face education. In, B. M. Gayle, R. W. Preiss, N. Burrell, & M. Allen, Classroom communication and instructional processes: Advances through meta-analysis (pp. 229-244). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.

Mabry, E. A. & Sudweeks, F. (2006). Oracles and other digital deities: Using expert teams as "leaders" in an online, collaborative research project. In L. R. Frey (Ed.), Facilitating group communication in context: Innovations and applications with natural groups: Vol. 2. Facilitating group task and team communication (pp. 253-284). Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.

Mabry, E. A. (2002). Ambiguous self-identification and sincere communication in CMC. In, L. Anolli, R. Ciceri, & G. Riva, (Eds.), Say not to say: New perspectives on miscommunication (pp. 247-264). Amsterdam: IOS Press.

Mabry, E. A. (2002). Technology as task: Rethinking the role of communication modality in the definition of group work and performance. In L. R. Frey (Ed.), New directions in group communication (pp. 285-298). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.