Erin Sahlstein ParcellErin Sahlstein Parcell

Associate Professor

Office: NWQ Building B, Room 4584
Phone: 414-229-3127
Curriculum Vita: PDF


Ph.D., Communication Studies, University of Iowa
M.A., Communication, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
B.A., Speech Communication, Iowa State University

Research Interests:

Marital and family communication; the effects of time and distance on relationships with special emphases on communication in the military.

Courses Taught:

Marital and Family Communication
Conflict Management
Qualitative Methods
Long-distance communication

Issues in Interpersonal Communication
Long-distance Communication
Marital and Family Communication
Conflict Management
Research Methods

Recent Publications:

Sahlstein Parcell, E., & Webb, L. (Eds.) (forthcoming). A communicative perspective on the military: Messages, strategies, meanings. New York: Peter Lang.

Sahlstein Parcell, E., & Maguire, K. C. (in press). Turning points and trajectories of military deployment. Journal of Family Communication.

Sahlstein Parcell, E. (2013). Trajectories research in family communication: Toward the identification of alternative pathways for inquiry. Journal of Family Communication, 13, 167-177.

Sahlstein, E. (2010). Communication and distance: The present and future interpreted through the past. Journal of Applied Communication Research, 38, 106-114.

Maguire, K. C., Heinemann-LaFave, D., & Sahlstein, E. (2013) “To be so connection, yet not at all”: Relational presence, absence, and maintenance in the context of a wartime deployment. Western Journal of Communication, 77, 249-271.