Erik Timmermantimmerman_erik

Associate Professor

Office: NWQ Building B, Room 4574
Phone: 414-229-6505
Web Site:


Ph.D., Organizational Communication, University of Texas at Austin
M.A., Communication Studies, Texas State University-San Marcos
B.A., Communication Studies, Criminal Justice (dual), University of Nevada, Reno


My current research projects focus upon the application of communication theory and research to better understand (1) customer service transactions and (2) the ways that communication technology impacts students’ learning and perceptions in the traditional and online college classes.


Commun 310: Communication in Organizations
Commun 365: Negotiation Skills Workshop
Commun 370: Quantitative Research Methods in Communication
Commun 810: Studies of Communication in Organizations
Commun 815: Communication Technologies in Organizations
Commun 820: Communication in Customer Service Settings

Representative Publications:

Fonner, K. L., & Timmerman, C. E. (2009). Organizational newc(ust)omers: Applying organizational newcomer assimilation concepts to customer information seeking and service outcomes. Management Communication Quarterly, 23, 244-271.

Timmerman, C.E., & Madhavapeddi, S.N. (2008). Perceptions of organizational media richness: Channel expansion effects for electronic and traditional media across richness dimensions. IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, 51, 18-32.

Allen, M., Burrell, N., Bourhis, J., Mabry, E., Timmerman, C.E., (2007). Literature of satisfaction. In M.G. Moore (Ed.), Handbook of Distance Education (2nd ed., pp. 149-156). Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.

Timmerman, C.E., & Scott, C.R. (2006). Virtually working: Communicative and structural predictors of media use and key outcomes in virtual work teams. Communication Monographs, 73, 108-136.

Timmerman, C.E., & Kruepke, K.A. (2006). Computer-assisted instruction, media richness, and college student performance. Communication Education, 55, 73-104.