Lindsay Timmerman

Lindsay Timmerman

Associate Professor

Office: NWQ Building B, Room 4578
Phone: 414-229-2844
Web Site:
Curriculum Vita: PDF 64kb


Ph.D., Interpersonal Communication, University of Texas, 2001
M.A., Interpersonal Communication, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1996
B.A., Communication, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1994


My primary interests center around close relationships, including romantic relationships, family dynamics, and friendships. I am particularly interested in under-studied close relationships. My research has focused on jealousy expression, long-distance relationships (including military marriage), family secrets, and disclosure of HIV status in families. In addition, I have been involved in a few projects exploring ‘dark side’ issues in close relationships, and I have worked on several meta-analyses, covering a wide range of topics.

Courses Taught:

Commun 101: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
Commun 301: Advanced Interpersonal Processes
Commun 401: Communication in Marital & Family Relationships
Commun 801: Seminar in Interpersonal Communication
Commun 802: Seminar in Marital & Family Communication
Commun 805: Seminar in Under-Studied Close Relationships (Special topics in IPC)
Commun 805: Seminar in Dark Side of Close Relationships (Special topics in IPC)


UWM Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching Award (2007-2008)

Research Growth Initiative Grant, UWM (2006-2008), $139,000, Families Coping with HIV: The Impact of a Mother’s HIV Infection [joint project with J. Peterson]

John E. Hunter Award for Meta-Analysis in Communication, 2007, Family Care vs. Day Care: Effects on Children, International Communication Association

Graduate of the Last Decade (GOLD) Award, 2006, UWM Alumni Association

Selected Publications:

Sahlstein, E., Maguire, K., & Timmerman, L. (2009). Contradictions and Praxis Conceptualized by Wartime Deployment: Wives’ Perspectives Revealed through Relational Dialectics. Communication Monographs, 76, 421-442.

Casey, M. K., Timmerman, L., Allen, M., Krahn, S., & Laplant, K. (2009). Response and Self-Efficacy of Condom Use: A Meta-Analysis of this Important Element of AIDS Education. Southern Communication Journal, 74, 57-78.

Allen, M., Timmerman, L., Ksobiech, K., Valde, K., Gallagher, E. B., Hookham, L., Bradford, L., & Emmers-Sommer, T. (2008). Persons Living with HIV: Disclosing to Sexual Partners. Communication Research Reports, 25, 192-199.

Dindia, K., Timmerman, L.M., Langan, E., Sahlstein, E., & Quandt, J. (2004). The function of holiday greetings in maintaining relationships. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 21, 577-593.

Selected Presentations:

Johnson, M. A., & Timmerman, L. M. (2009, November). Communicative Responses to Jealousy: The Effect of Antecedent Factors of Romantic Jealousy. Paper presented at the National Communication Association Convention, Chicago, IL.

Timmerman, L. M., & Johnson, M. A. (2008, July). The Experience and Expression of Jealousy in Marriage: The Effects of Satisfaction, Investment, and Commitment. Paper presented at the International Association for Relationship Research Conference, Providence, RI.

Allen, M., Timmerman, L., Emmers-Sommer, T., Laplant, K., & Ksobiech, K. (2008, April). A Meta-Analysis Examining the Effectiveness of Abstinence-only Educational Programs. Paper presented at the Central States Communication Association Convention, Madison, WI.