Course Template for Health Communication

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Mike Allen,
Haeyeon Song,

Suggested Primary Health Communication Courses (15 credits)

Commun 804: Communication and Sexuality
Commun 850: Intercultural Communication
Commun 864: Communication and Social Influence
Commun 881: Communication and Health Issues
Commun 981: Communication and HIVAIDS

Suggested Methods Courses (minimum 6 credits; typical recommendation is closer to 12 credits)

Commun 700: Quantitative Research in Communication
Commun 770: Measurement in Communication Research
Commun 971: Meta-Analysis: Theory and Application
Commun 972: Methods in Communication Research

Various other courses from outside the department should be used to supplement (or in some cases substitute for ) the Communication courses listed above. Generally, students should take courses that address the following topics:

  1. correlation and regression,
  2. experimental design (i.e., ANOVA),
  3. general multivariate techniques,
  4. analysis of categorical data, and
  5. structural equation modeling.


Ed Psy 820: Multiple Regression and Other General Linear Models
Ed Psy 823: Structural Equation Modeling
Ed Psy 824: Advanced Experimental Design and Analysis
Ed Psy 826: Analysis of Cross-Classified Categorical Data
Ed Psy 929: Seminar in Statistics and Research Design
Bus Adm 714: Multivariate Techniques in Management Research
Bus Adm 912: Statistical Methods for Management Research
Bus Adm 914: Advanced Multivariate Techniques in Management Research

Suggested Electives (minimum of 21 credits)

Commun 801: Seminar in Interpersonal Communication
Commun 802: Marital and Family Communication
Commun 803: Seminar in Gender Communication
Commun 827: Seminar in Instructional Communication
UrbStu 815: Community Health Planning
UrbStu 816: Health Policy in an Urban Society
UrbStu 939: Urban Lifestyle and Holistic Health Care
Sociol 735: Social Change and Social Evolution
Psych 930: Seminar in Social Psychology
Psych 955: Social Psychology and Health