Course Template for Intercultural Communication

For more information please contact the faculty associated with this template:

Sandra Braman,
Tae-Seop Lim,
Sangy-Yeon Kim,

Suggested Primary Intercultural Courses (15 credits)

Commun 804: Communication and Sexuality
Commun 823: Small Group Communication
Commun 850: Seminar in Intercultural Communication
Commun 965: Discourses of Conflict
Commun 981: Communication and HIV/AIDS

Suggested Methods Courses (minimum 6 credits; typical recommendation is closer to 12 credits)

Commun 700: Quantitative Research in Communication
Commun 702: Qualitative Research Methods
Commun 770: Measurement in Communication Research
Commun 972: Methods in Communication Research

Various other courses from outside the department should be used to supplement (or in some cases substitute for) the Communication courses listed above. Generally, students should take courses that address the following topics:

  1. correlation and regression,
  2. experimental design (i.e., ANOVA),
  3. general multivariate techniques,
  4. analysis of categorical data, and
  5. structural equation modeling.
Ed Psy 820: Multiple Regression and Other General Linear Models
Ed Psy 823: Structural Equation Modeling
Ed Psy 824: Advanced Experimental Design and Analysis
Ed Psy 826: Analysis of Cross-Classified Categorical Data
Ed Psy 929: Seminar in Statistics and Research Design
Bus Adm 714: Multivariate Techniques in Management Research
Bus Adm 912: Statistical Methods for Management Research
Bus Adm 914: Advanced Multivariate Techniques in Management Research

Suggested Electives (minimum of 21 credits)

Commun 801: Seminar in Interpersonal Communication
Commun 802: Marital and Family Communication
Commun 823: Seminar in Group Communication
Commun 881: Communication and Health Issues
Econ 753: Collective Bargaining
Anthro 761: Cross Cultural Research
Polsci 715: Introduction to Comparative Politics
Polsci 819: Seminar on International Organizations