Terra Rasmussen

M.A. Student

Office: Johnston Hall, Room 323
Internet: Facebook


M.A., Communication, UW-Milwaukee - Expected May 2014
B.S., Communication Studies, minor Geography, UW-Superior, Graduated May 2011

Graduate Focus:

Masters student in communication with an emphasis on mediated communication and conflict.
Additional concentration: Mediation Certificate

Research Interests:

My current research interests include computer-mediated communication, specifically focusing on negotiating conflict online.

Teaching Interests and Experience:

My coursework and professional experience are preparing me to teach introductory courses related to business communication, public speaking, and research using qualitative methods. I am currently teaching Com 105-Business and Professional Communication here at UWM.

Relevant Professional Service Activities/Non-academic Career Background:

Student Government Association Vice President: UW-Superior
Academic Affairs Council Chair: UW-Superior
Diversity Council: UW-Superior
Segregated University Fees Allocation Committee: UW-Superior
Residence Hall Advisory Board: UW-Madison

Recent Research:

Horn, N. and Rasmussen, T. (Dec. 2011). "Othering Ourselves: International Students' Perception of American Romantic Relationships" Presented at Illinois State University Graduate Research Symposium, Spring 2012.

Rasmussen, T. (Dec. 2012) "Sex in Cyberville: Exploring the initiation of intimacy in virtual role-play communities". Presented at Doing Autoethnography, a national conference for academic autoethnographers held in San Angelo, Texas, Spring 2013.