Recent Graduate Theses in Communication (1998 - 2006)


Anna Antos. Body Image: "An Influential Factor of Communication Apprehension" (Adviser: Mike Allen)

Matthew Hebl. "Gender Differences in Asking for Directions" (Adviser: Kathryn Dindia)

Kimberly Kulovitz. "Self-Disclosure and the Sibling Relationship" (Adviser: Kathryn Dindia)

Joshua Pederson. "The Influence of Conflict on Apologies and Forgiveness" (Adviser: Mike Allen)

Alexander Wright. "The 9/11 Truth Movement: An Analysis of the Rhetorical Legitimation of Dissent"(Adviser: John Jordan)

Xuan Zhao. "The Impact of Characteristics of Face-to-Face Communication on Online Interactions in Hybrid Teams" (Adviser: Reneé Meyers)


Rebecca Gill. "Victim offender mediation: A meta-analysis" (Adviser: Nancy Burrell)

Tony Jones. "Finding the authentic: Race, gender, and sexuality in Twentieth Century Africa-American Music" (Adviser: William Keith)

Ji-Hyun Kim. "Reframing the cultural differences between East and West" (Adviser: Tae-Seop Lim)

Joelle Kwiatkowski. "Meta-analysis of sex differences in process and outcome satisfaction of divorce mediation" (Adviser: Nancy Burrell)

Diane Mathis. "Here Comes the Bride: A look a wedding planning from a relational dialectic perspective" (Adviser: Nancy Burrell)

Jane McGuire. "Pet loss: Social support for bereaved pet guardians" (Adviser: Nancy Burrell)


James Draeger. "Transcending mainstream education reform: Waldorf education as a social movement" (Adviser: William Keith)

Jinsuk Kim. "Gender, culture and self-disclosure in cyberspace: A study of Korean and American social network websites" (Adviser: Kathryn Dindia)

Katie LaPlant. "HIV/AIDS prevention intervention for MSM: A meta-analysis of long term efficacy" (Adviser: Mike Allen)

Leah LeFebvre. "Examining highest ability members’ argumentative communication in classroom learning groups" (Adviser: Reneé Meyers)

Robin Scholz. "Rhetoric's role in homosexual and religious identity formation and negotiation: A case study of GLBT Mormon's coming out stories within the affirmation website" (Adviser: Kathryn Olson)

Qian Zhao. "The use of email for out-of-class communication between faculty and students" (Adviser: Reneé Meyers)

August 2006

Nicole J. Averill. "Sexual Behavior in Cross-Sex Friendships: An Exploration of "Friends with Benefits" Relationships" (Lindsay Timmerman)

May 2006

Ali Gattoni. "The Use of Instant Messenger For Communicating in Romantic Relationships" (Renee Meyers)

Kim Omachinski. "An Evaluation of Cross-Cultural Training methods used in the Acculturation process of English as a Second Language Students" (Nancy Burrell)

December 2005

Susan Hunnicutt. "Assessing Communication Skills of Emergency Medicine Providers During Transfer of Patient Care" (Nancy Burrell)

August 2005

Elliott M. Fischer. "Cultural Grammars and McGreevey's Speech of Resignation" (Kathryn Olson)

May 2005

Shannon Ahrndt. "Distress in Response to Infidelity: An Examination of the Evolutionary Perspective" (Kathryn Dindia)

Beth Babin. "Sex Differences and Similarities in Emotional and Sexual Infidelity" (Kathryn Dindia)

Brittany Rugotska. "Media Richness, Source Credibility, Effect Salience and Message Believability across Formal and Informal Communication Networks" (Jack Johnson)

Huan Huang, "Communication Channel Preferences of International Teaching Assistants" (Mike Allen)

Peggy Mullikin. "Religious and Spiritual Identity: The Impact of Gender, Family, Peers and Media Communication in Post-Adolescence" (Mike Allen)

San-Yeon Kim. "The Theory of Relativity: Relativism Vs. Absolutism" (Tae SeopLim)

August 2004

Snyder, Amanda. "Communication Differences Between Online and Face-to-Face Daters: Hyperpersonal Framework Explored" (Kathryn Dindia)

May 2004

Opalewski, Victoria K. "Presidential Non-Military Crisis Response Rhetoric: Eulogy, Apologia, and the Noble Endeavor." (Kathryn M. Olson)

DeAngelo, Angela. "Social Support and Coping with Celiac Disease." (Nancy Burrell)

December 2003

Luke LeFebvre. "Instructional Immediacy of Teaching Assistants: A Comparison of Lecture/Laboratory and Self-contained Course Sections" (Mike Allen)

August 2003

Kruepke, Kristine. "Temporary Employees, Identification, and Intent to Stay in a Client Organization." (Erik Timmerman)

May 2003

Malin, Marcia. "Extending the Meta-Analysis on Self-Disclosure and Sex Differences: The 1990's." (Dindia)

Tye, Stacy. "Social Support and Suicide: A Meta-Analytic Review." (Allen)

August 2002

Kopaczewski, Shana C. "Humor Skill and Humor Coordination: Impacts on Relational Satisfaction." (Allen)

May 2002

Considine, Jennifer R. "Group Centered Learning in Post-Secondary Education: The Relationship Between Argumentative Evidence and Achievement." (Meyers)

Hickey, Laura J. "Case Study of a Mid-size law Firm: How Clients Measure Satisfaction." (Burrell)

May 2001

Cheng, Cynthia. "What Do Chinese Fables Say To Taiwanese Children--An Analysis from Fisher's Narrative Paradigm." (Bradford)

Fucilla, Renee M. "The Influence of Cultural and Individual-level Variables on Conflict Avoidance Behavior: A Cross-cultural Study of U.S. and Latin American Professionals." (Bradford)

Hovick, Shelly "E-Mail Communication in Workplace Romantic Relationships." (Meyers)

Jahn, Christine A. "The Relationship Between Workplace Communication and the Business Outcomes of Profitability, Productivity, Retention, and Customer Satisfaction." (Johnson)

Karge, Martha. "Gender Differences in Communication Styles in Computer-mediated Communication." (Burrell)

McGrath, Mark. "Determining If Basketball Teams' Jersey Colors Differentiate the Number of Fouls Called on Teams by Referees." (Allen)

December 2000

McKellips, Steven "College Recruitment Publications: A Study in Persuasion." (Allen)

August 2000

Komnenic, Ljiljana. "Negotiating the Borderland: Study of Identity Recovery and Reconstruction Among the Serbian Diasporic Group in Milwaukee, Wisconsin." (Supriya)

May 2000

Joosten, Tanya M. "The Effect of Individual Conflict Style on Member Satisfaction and Quality of Decision in Small Group Decision-Making." (Burrell)

Ulrich, Tammi Jo. "A Meta-Analysis of Decision Quality in Computer-mediated and Face-to-face Groups." (Allen)

December 1999  

Kramer, Michael R. "An Apologia in Three Acts: A Proposed Theory of Progressive Apologia Using Ciceronian Stasis Theory." (Olson)

August 1999

Langan, Emily J. "Why Do I Like You and How Would You Know?: An Examination of Immediacy and Interpersonal Attraction." (Allen)

Powell, Kristi A. "Communication of Cultural Memory and Practices of Resistance and Transformation." (Supriya)

Piegelhoff, Marieke. "The Relationship Between Relationship Type, Relationship Characteristics, Satisfaction, Gender and Relationship Maintenance Strategies." (Dindia)

May 1999

Ryan, Dan. "Examining the Relationship Between Superior to Subordinate Feedback and Job Performance: A Meta-analysis." (Allen)

Uecker, Deborrah C. "An Evaluation of the Simulation Xandy and Its Effect on Empathy." (Bradford)

December 1998

McKelton, Drue-Marie. "Relationships Between Topic Adherence, Argumentative Behaviors, and Outcomes in Mock Jury Groups." (Allen)

Tieu, Trung T. "In Search of an Urban Identity: An Investigation of Urban Identity Through the Rhetoric of Popular Culture." (Brummett)

May 1998

Karpanty, Rachel E. "The Role of Communication Apprehension, College, Self-Efficacy, Peer Integration, and Faculty Integration on College Persistence." (Johnson)

Johnson, Paula Lynn. "Implementing Mediation: An Intervention Option To Address Conflict Between Elderly Parents and Their Adult Children." (Burrell)

Wachtel, Tara. "Exploring Argument Competence in the Small Group Context." (Meyers)