Jeremy V. Adolphson

Jeremy V. Adolphson

Ph.D. Student, 4th year

Curriculum Vitae: PDF (220kb)


M.A., Department of Communication, Northern Illinois University, 2009
M.A., Department of Sociology, Northern Illinois University, 2007
B.S., Department of Sociology, Northern Illinois University, 2005

Focus of Graduate Studies:

Doctoral student in rhetorical studies with an emphasis in critical/cultural studies, confrontational rhetoric, and popular culture.

Research Interests:

My current research is centered on how social media rhetorically reframes fandom in terms of community involvement, personal knowledge, and the power to participate or influence larger discourses within popular culture. Also, I am interested in studying popular music from a rhetorical perspective by bridging various threads of subcultural studies, social movement rhetoric, and civic engagement.

Courses Taught:

Commun 103 - Public Speaking
Commun 105 - Business and Professional Communication
Commun 335 - Critical Studies in Communication
Sociology 100 - Introduction to Sociology

Recent Research:

Adolphson, J. V. (in press). Creative expression or compulsive exploitation in underground comix: The scapegoating of Mike Diana’s Boiled Angel. Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics.

Adolphson, J. V. (in press). “Mad as Hell”: Democratic dissent and the unpatriotic backlash on the Dixie Chicks. Journal of Popular Music Studies.

Adolphson, J..V. (2011). It’s still rock and roll to me: Christian heavy metal and the problem of authenticity. In E.B. Christian (Ed.), Rock brands: Selling sound in a media saturated culture, pp.153-175. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.