Chang Shik Choi

Ph.D Student



M.A., Communication, Pusan Nat’l University
B.A., Communication, Pusan Nat’l University

Focus of Graduate Studies:

Interpersonal communication with an emphasis on applications of mediated technology

Research Interests:

My research focuses on the technology mediated interpersonal communication. Specifically, the effect of all kinds of on-line communication and the behaviors of communicators are my current concerns.

Teaching Experiences:

My previous coursework/experience is preparing me to teach all levels of courses related to the theory of communication and its application. Currently I’m teaching Business & Professional Communication (COM 105).

Relevant Professional Service Activities/Non-academic Career Background:

Online News editor, SK Communication, Korea.
Reporter/Copy editor, Ilgan Sports newspaper, Korea.

Recent Research:

Publication: Park, J., Hwang, S. & Choi, C. S. (2011). How to Educate Advertising Field Human Resources during the Era of Multimedia and the Convergence of Broadcasting and Telecommunication. Journal of Journalism Study, Vol 15.

Choi, C. S., Chae, B. & Jung, Y. (2009). A Study of the Government-sourced Reports in Local TV News. Journal of Media Economics & Culture, Vol.7.


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Choi, C. S., Jung, Y. & Kim, J. (2008, July). A Comparative Study of Mobile Communication Services: An Expectancy-Value Approach to Voice, SMS and Visual Calls. Paper presented at the 17th Asian Media Information and Communication Conference, Manila, Philippine.