Keith Dilbeck

Keith E. Dilbeck

Ph.D. Student

Office: Johnston Hall, Room 331
Phone: 414-229-223


Ph.D., Student, TA & PA (2013), Communication (present)
M.A., Bangkok University International, 2008
B.A., California State University, Sacramento, 2006

Focus of Graduate Studies:

Doctoral student in interpersonal, organizational, and intercultural communication with an emphasis on factors of source and vicarious credibility across cultures.

Research Interests:

My research focuses on the measurement of theoretical descriptions and processes of inter/cross-cultural relationships, associated with social identity attributions. Currently, I am studying the differences in factors of credibility embedded within culture from a multicultural perspective.

Teaching Interests and Experience

My current teaching interests focus on intercultural and cross-cultural communication. My teaching experience includes courses related to public speaking, debate, organizational, and intercultural communication, including both national and international programs. I have taught:

  • Teaching Assistant, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2010 to present, taught Public Speaking, Organizational Communication (online), Cross-cultural Communication
  • Lecturer, Solano Community College-California, summer 2010, taught Debate
  • Lecturer, Bangkok University International College, 2007 to 2009 (Part-time, 2007; Full-time, 2007 to 2009), taught International Program – IEN 103 Critical Reading (Figurative vs Literal text, main claims – evidence – reasoning, tone, hidden assumptions, logical fallacies), IEN 104 College Writing (College level essay structure, literature review, basic quantitative research (actual data collection and analysis), basic qualitative research (actual interviews, participant observations), IEN 105 Communicative English (Intercultural communication, organizational communication, media, and interpersonal communication ), IEN 215 Listening and Speaking (Oral argumentation, interpersonal/small-group, and instructional communication ); Thai Program –EN 311 Presentations for Business Purposes I-Public Speaking (Verbal/nonverbal components, and audience adaptation), EN 312: Presentations for Business-Purposes II Public Speaking (Instrumental application of Part I in the context of advertising, public service, investor business meetings, domestic and international business proposals), EN 313 English for Communication Professionals l (Mediated communication: Radio and periodical reporting, advertising, media ethics), EN 314 English for Communication Professionals ll (Advertising, Public Relations, Film, NEWS reporting).
  • Teaching/Research Assistant, California State University, Sacramento, 2006, taught Survey Communication (General sample of a variety of communication paradigms).

Relevant Professional Service Activities/Non-academic Career Background

  • CIE: Center for International Education – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2012-2013)
  • Victor Treatment Centers Inc., North Valley School & Residential Youth Services, California (2010-2011)
  • UNESCO – Panama (2011)
  • IEA: Ideal English Academy – California/Bangkok (2007-2011)
  • Wedia Inc – Bhutan (2009-2011)
  • CCDKM: Center for Communication Development and Knowledge Management (2008)
  • PLAN Intrnl/FRD: India, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Vietnam (2008)

Recent Research

Dilbeck, K. E., Dominguez, A., Dornaletetxe, J., McMurrich, M., Allen, M. (in press). Instructor Credibility: A Cross-cultural Examination. In J. E. Aitken (Ed.), Cases on communication technology for second language acquisition and cultural learning (pp. xx-xxx). Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

Allen, M., Dilbeck, K. E., England, N., Herrman, A., Kartch, F., Kim, J., Kulovitz, K., Lau, A., Maier, M., May, A., McNallie, J., Omori, K., & Shoji, K. (2011). Test of a causal model for sexual harassment using data from a meta-analysis. In N. Burrell, M. Allen, R. Preiss, and B. Gayle (Eds.), Research on Conflict: Advances Through Meta-Analysis. Mahwah, NJ: Taylor and Francis.

Baker, H.A., Dilbeck, K.E., McCroskey, J.C. (2010). Mediating role of supervisory communication practices on relations between leader–member exchange and perceived employee commitment to workgroup. Communication Monographs, 77, 637-656.

Dilbeck, K. E., & McCroskey, J. C. (2009). Socio-communicative orientation, communication competence, and rhetorical sensitivity. Human Communication, 12, 255-266.

Dilbeck, K. E., McCroskey, J. C., Richmond, V. P., & McCroskey, L. L. (2009). Self-perceived communication competence in the Thai culture. Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, 38, 1-7.

Documentary: Prevención de la Violencia Infantil: Las calles de Panamá – La Chorrera, Arraigán, y San Miguelito (in production).