Hawkins, J.M.Jennifer M. Hawkins

Ph.D. Student

e-mail: hawkinsj@uwm.edu
Curriculum Vitae: PDF (160kb)


Ph.D., Communication, UW–Milwaukee, Expected May 2014
M.A., Communication, UW–Milwaukee, 2010
B.A., Communication, UW–Milwaukee, 1995

Focus of Graduate Studies:

Doctoral student studying health communication within interpersonal and intercultural contexts with emphasis on sensitive health topics. Currently I am studying communication surrounding early pregnancy loss.

Teaching Interests:

My coursework and teaching assistantship are preparing me to teach all levels of courses related to qualitative methods, health communication, interpersonal, intercultural, public speaking, mediation, business and professional communication.

Courses taught:

Commun 381: Health Communication
Commun 101: Interpersonal Communication
Commun 105: Business and Professional Communication
Commun 103: Public Speaking

Relevant Activities:

  • Elected to serve as Student Representative on the Executive Board of the Organization for the Study of Communication, Language, and Gender (OSCLG), Fall 2013- Fall 2015
  • Reviewer for Peace and Conflict Studies Division, National Communication Association (NCA) 2013 Conference, Spring 2013
  • Participant: Realigning for Inclusivity: Reframing Diversity at UWM-strategic planning event, facilitated by Dr. Caesura McDowell, March 2, 2012
  • Reviewer for Health Communication & G.I.F.T. Divisions, Central States Communication Association (CSCA) 2012 Conference, Fall 2011
  • Study abroad assistant to South Korea and Japan, May 2009

Professional Experience

  • Academic Advisor - School of Information Studies, UW–Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI
  • Academic Advisor - Department of Continuing Education's Adult Degree program, Linfield College, Portland, OR

Recent Research Activities:

Allen, M., Bourhis, J., Burrell, N., Cole, A.W., Cramer, E., Dilbeck, K., England, N. Hawkins, J.M., Maier, M., Mullane, R., Omachinski, K., Omori, K., DeCloedt-Pincon, D., Victor, A., Willes, K.L., & Zmyslinski, A.N. (in press). Comparing communication doctoral programs, alumni, and faculty: The Use of Google Scholar. Journal of the Association for Communication Administrators.

Hawkins, J. M. (under revise and resubmit). Dying inside of me: Unexplained recurrent early pregnancy loss. Chapter in J. Baglia and R. Silverman (Eds.), Pregnancy Loss: A Narrative Collection. New York, NY: Peter Lang.

Hawkins, J.M., & DeCloedt-Pinçon, D. (under revise and resubmit). A qualitative approach to understanding the nature and impact of bullying. Paper submitted to Journal of School Violence.

Kim, S. Allen, M., Ahn, S., Cole, A., Cramer, E.C., Becker, K.A., Choi, C.S., Dilbeck, K.E., Gross, C.M., Hawkins, J., M., Jayroe, T.J., Kim, M., Mullane, R.R., Priddis, D.M., Smith, K., Victor, A.K., Willes, K.L., & Zmyslinski-Seelig, A.N. (under review). Testing the evidence effect of Additive Cues Model (ACM). Paper submitted to the Western Journal of Communication.

Hawkins, J.M. (2013, October). Loss and Trying Again: Conversations during pregnancy loss and pregnancy after loss support groups. Paper presented at the Organization for the Study of Communication, Language and Gender, Houghton, MI.

Hawkins, J.M. (2013, October). Stunned: Ectopic pregnancy loss interview presented as poem and short story. Presented at the Organization for the Study of Communication, Language and Gender, Houghton, MI.

Hawkins, J.M. (2013, April). Ethical issues in hidden communities: Alternative contexts and methods. Central States Communication Association, Kansas City, MO.

Kim, S., Lim, T., Song, H., Hawkins, J.M., Herrman, A. R., Kim, H., Ota, H., Kim, J., Kim, J, England, N., Tenzek, K., Cramer, E., Omori, K., Grimes, D., & Dilbeck, K. (2013, February). Promotive versus preventive dietary practice and self-construal: Communicating healthful food choice. Top Paper in the Health Communication Interest Group presented at the Western Communication Association Convention, Reno, NV.

Song, H., Hawkins, J.M., Kim, J., Omori, K., Tenzek, K., Kim, S. & Lim, T. (2013, February) Health information seeking online: An experimental study focusing on Internet skills. Paper presented at the Western Communication Association Convention, Reno, NV.