Anna Herrman

Anna R. Herrman

Ph.D. Student, 3rd year

Office: Johnston 323
Phone: (414) 229-2223
Curriculum Vitae: PDF 181kb


M.A., Degree in Communication, UW-Milwaukee, 2009
B.A., Degree in Communication, St. Norbert College, 2007

Focus of Graduate Studies:

Anna is a third year doctoral student studying interpersonal communication issues in the contexts of health and intercultural.

Research Interests:

Anna’s research focus entails exploring how eating disorders and body image impact interpersonal relationships and communication. Additionally, she is part of the Milwaukee Intercultural Health Project. The research team explores health issues in the intercultural context.

Teaching Experience:

Comm 101: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
Comm 105: Business and Professional Communication
Comm 201: Introduction to Conflict Resolution and Peace
Comm 350: Intercultural Communication
Comm 450: Cross-Cultural Communication


Herrman, A. R., & Allen, M. (in press). Comparing hard and softline bargaining. In N. Burrell, M. Allen, R. Preiss, and B. Gayle (Eds.), Managing interpersonal conflict: Advances through meta-analysis. Mahwah, NJ: Taylor and Francis.

Kim, S., Allen, M., Gattoni, A., Grimes, D., Haung, H., Herrman, A. R., Kim, J., Lu, S., Maier, M., May, A., Omachinski, K., Tenzek, K., Turkiewicz, K., & Zhang, Z. (2012). Testing an additive model for the effectiveness of evidence for the persuasiveness of a message. Social Influence. doi: 10.1080/15534510.2012.658285

Turkiewicz, K.L., Kim, J., Tenzek, K.E., & Herrman, A. R. (2010). Behind the scenes: Life as an editorial assistant. Communication Monographs, 77, 454-461.

Current Research:

Herrman, A. R. (in progress). The Dark Side of Compliments: Inspiring the Drive for Thinness?

Herrman, A. R., & McNallie, J. (in progress). Are they as smart as they look?: The impact of weight, dress, and sex on instructor credibility

Herrman, A. R. & Tenzek, K. E. (in progress). Gender differences in peer influence on body image and eating disorders: A meta-analysis.

Herrman, A. R., & Tenzek, K. T. (in progress). You starve yourself too?: How people with eating disorders manage uncertainty in online communities