Doctoral Student Profiles

Jeremy Adolphson
Rhetorical studies with an emphasis in critical/cultural studies, confrontational rhetoric, and popular culture.
Seokoon Ahn
Intercultural communication, quantitative methods
Katherine Becker
Interpersonal and health communication
Michael Blight
Interpersonal communication; emphasis in new technologies and computer-mediated communication
Chang Shik Choi
Interpersonal communication with an emphasis on applications of mediated technology
Ruth Beerman
Rhetoric, with an emphasis in public controversy and argument
Andrew Cole
Communication technology with an emphasis on social impacts of new technologies.
Emily Cramer
Health communication with a current emphasis on cancer communication
Rachel Davidson
Public discourse and the intersection of rhetoric with issues of identity and gender
Keith E. Dilbeck
Interpersonal communication with an emphasis on intercultural communication theory
Michelle Fetherson
Communication and Technology; emphasis in educational technology
Lindsey Harness
Rhetoric in new media as it pertains to social activism, identity construction, and social controversy
Jennifer M. Hawkins
Health communication within interpersonal and intercultural contexts with emphasis on sensitive health topics
Kimberly Kulovitz
Interpersonal and mediated communication with a focus on the “darkside” of relationships
Mridula Mascarenhas
Public discourse and social movements
Rebecca Mullane
Interpersonal communication with an emphasis on education
Kristine Nicolini
Interpersonal communication with a focus on higher education
Kikuko Omori
Technology and communication, specifically globalization of media, computer mediated communication, and online education
Deborah Pinçon
Intercultural health communication with an emphasis on marginalized or underrepresented populations
DeAnne Priddis
Interpersonal communication
Thomas Salek
Rhetorical and political communication, rhetorical leadership
Kimberly K. Smith
Organizational and group communication with an emphasis on technology and identity formation
Arrington Stoll
Interpersonal Communication
Angela Victor
Organizational communication with an emphasis on higher education
Jansen Werner
Rhetoric with an emphasis in civil rights, identity, and disability/mental health.
Karina Willes
Emphasis on LGBT issues and technology using quantitative methodologies
Kaori Yamada
Rhetoric with an emphasis on memory studies and gender in communication
Anne Zmyslinski-Seeling
Interpersonal, marriage & family, and health communication with an emphasis on romantic relationships

Profiles of Recent Graduates

Ali Gattoni
New media and feminist theory
Anna Herrman
Interpersonal communication with additional interests in health and intercultural communication
Malynnda Johnson
Health communication with an emphasis on the social construction of illness
Falon Kartch
Interpersonal communication with an emphasis on marital/family communication
Jihyun Kim
Technology and Health Communication with quantitative methods
Aimee Lau
Computer-mediated communication with a specific focus on social media in educational environments
Melissa Maier
Interpersonal communication in close relationships, including romantic relationships, families, friendships and work relationships
Lara Stache
Rhetoric with a focus on how alternative lifestyles have been mainstreamed through popular culture
Kelly Tenzek
Health communication with an emphasis in interpersonal communication including end-of-life care, conflict, and the Internet
Katie LaPlant Turkiewicz
Interpersonal and health communication with an emphasis on technology, conflict, and interpersonal relationships