Kimberly L. Kulovitz

Kimberly L. Kulovitz

Ph.D. Student, 3rd year

Office: Johnston 331
Phone: 262-914-9048
Curriculum Vitae: PDF

Focus of Graduate Studies:

Doctoral student in interpersonal and mediated communication with a focus on the “darkside” of relationships.

Research Interests:

My current research focuses on cyberbullying in various contexts and relationships. I am most interested in how cyberbullying compares to traditional face-to-face bullying as well as how cyberbullying manifests itself in adult leisure activities such as online video games.

Teaching Interests and Experience:

My coursework is preparing me to teach all levels of courses related to interpersonal relationships, marital and family communication, mediated communication, and quantitative methods. I have taught Introduction to Commun 101: Interpersonal Communication, and Commun 301: Interpersonal Communication Processes. I will be teaching Commun 313: Human Communication and Technology in the Fall of 2011.

Relevant Professional Service Activities:

I have been serving as a student board member on the Institutional Review Board since the Fall of 2009. The IRB is responsible for confidentially reviewing studies and meeting as a full board to ensure the protection of human subjects.

Recent Research:

Kulovitz, K.L. & Mabry, E.A. (projected Jan. 2012). Cyberbullying: Perceptions of bullies and victims. In L. Wankel & C. Wankel (Eds.), Misbehavior Online in Higher Education (in production). Bingley, UK: Emerald Publishing Group.

Kulovitz, K.L., & Mabry, E.A. (2011, November). Cyberbullying in massively multiplayer online collaborative play: Perceptions of bullies and victims. Paper submitted to the annual meeting of the National Communication Association, New Orleans, LA.

Pincon, D.D., Kulovitz, K.L. (2011, November). Bad romance and the power of voice: A content analysis of unilateral and bilateral relational repair strategies in romantic relationships. Paper submitted to the annual meeting of the National Communication Association, New Orleans, LA.

Kulovitz, K.L. (2011, April). Emotional intelligence in-class activity. Great Ideas for Teaching (G.I.F.T) presented at the annual meeting of Central States Communication Association, Milwaukee, WI.