Mridula Mascarenhas

Mridula Mascarenhas

Doctoral Student, 4th year

Curriculum Vitae: PDF

Focus of Graduate Studies and Research Interests:

I research public discourse and social movements using primarily a rhetorical perspective. My work examines the ways in which individuals and groups enact identities, practice citizenship, and engage in community-building or conflict. I am passionate about understanding the role of rhetoric in constituting community and controversy. Currently, I am researching the role of rhetoric in religious controversies within the Catholic Church.

Teaching Interests and Experience:

My coursework has prepared me to teach classes in rhetorical theory and criticism. My teaching experience includes advanced undergraduate classes, basic communication courses and online classes. I have taught Group Communication, Business Communication, Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Interviewing, and the Basic Course that combines elements of the aforementioned topics. I am currently teaching an advanced undergraduate class in Interviewing.

Relevant Professional Service Activities/Non-academic Career Background:

  • Collaborator for Figure/Ground website which publishes interviews with scholars across the Communication field.
  • Served as reviewer for NCA 2012 Communication as Social Construction Division.
  • Served on departmental committees, including Undergraduate Affairs Committee, and Graduate Affairs Committee.
  • Volunteered as judge for departmental public speaking events
  • Non-academic work experience in the Corporate Communications department of Tata Motors, India’s largest automobile manufacturing company.

Recent Research:

Mascarenhas, M., Meyers, R.A. & Bonito, J.A. (2010). Matters of life and death: Decision-making in a jury. In Black, L. W. (Ed.). Group communication: Cases for analysis, appreciation, and application. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt.

Mascarenhas, M. (2012, May). Science will lead us forward: Marginalization of the public sphere in the Frankenfish debate. Paper presented at the 2012 Rhetoric Society of America Research Network Conference, Philadelphia, PA.

Mascarenhas, M. (2012, July). The ELCA as deliberative community: A study of the distinctive features of deliberation in a religious context. Paper presented at the 2012 NCA Doctoral Honors Seminar, Los Angeles, CA.

Mascarenhas, M. (2011, November). He could have fought back: An analysis of national discourse on two bullycides. Paper presented at 2011 National Communication Association Convention, New Orleans.

Kim, J., Lau, A., & Mascarenhas, M. (2011, April). Expressing frustration regarding customer service: The relationships among customers’ conflict management styles, complaint behavior, and media selection. Paper presented at the 2011 Conference of the Central States Communication Association, Milwaukee.

Mascarenhas, M. (2010, November). From uniform to pulp: The Combat Paper Project as performance of veteran resistance against war. Paper presented at the National Communication Association Convention, San Francisco, CA. (Awarded Top Debut Paper in the Performance Studies Division)