DeAnne Priddis

Ph.D. Student, 4th year

Office: Johnston 331
Curriculum Vitae: PDF (842 kb)


M.S., Human Resources Training & Development, University of Wisconsin Stout
B.L.S., Organizational Administration, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
A.S., Supervisory Management, Gateway Technical College

Research Interests:

My main focus is interpersonal communication/social influence with an emphasis on multi-generational relationships. Currently I am focusing on the two areas of research: families affected by alcoholism and also the relationship that college students have with their grandparents. Past research has also been conducted in technology in the classroom and relationships, interpersonal and organizational conflict, and work/life balance.

Courses Taught:

Comm 105 Business & Professional Communication (online) 2011-present
Comm 363 Interpersonal Conflict 2013-present

Other teaching experience includes teaching five years between Fox Valley Technical College, Rasmussen College, and ITT Technical College. Experience teaching Oral/Interpersonal Communication, Group Dynamics, Professional Communication, Intro to Business, Business Ethics, Principles of Management, World Culture, and English courses residentially, blended, and on-line.

Work Experience:

Six years experience teaching adults in educational environment

Three and half years experience teaching adults in corporate environment

Over eighteen years of experience in work environment, primarily in human resources.

Recent Resarch

Burrell, N., Maier, M., Priddis, D., Victor, A., Jackl, J., & Gross, C. (2013, June). Emotional intelligence: A framework for examining bullying in schools. Paper was presented at International Communication Association (ICA) Conference, London, England.

Priddis, D. (2013, April). Helping but supporting alcoholism: Persuading family members for resources. Paper presented at the Central States Communication Association (CSCA) Conference, Kansas City, MO.

Priddis, D. (2013, April). Adding personality to the college online classroom: A comparative study between students and educators regarding the use of emoticons. Paper presented at the Central States Communication Association (CSCA) Conference, Kansas City, MO. Top Paper Panel – Instructional Resources Interest Group.

Brucher Moore, J., Aldridge Sandford, A., Cherjovsky, N., Copeland, K., Daggs, J., Johnson, M., Nesemeier, H., & Priddis, D. (2013, April). You don’t have to own a prius to teach hybrid courses. Panel participant at the Central States Communication Association (CSCA) Conference, Kansas City, MO

Victor, A., Priddis, D., Dilbeck, K. & Burrell, N. (2012, November). Examining educators' reflections on bullying: A shift in Ideology. Paper was presented at the National Communication Association (NCA) Conference, Orlando, FL.

Priddis, D., Willes, K.L., & Allen M. (2012, July). Does this app make my butt look big? Male-to-male smartphone application users. Paper was presented at the International Association of Relationship Research Conference, Chicago, IL. Manuscript is under review at the Communication Research Reports, July 2013.