Lara C. Stache

Ph.D. Student

Office: Johnston 323
Phone: 414-229-2223
Curriculum Vitae: PDF


PhD Communication, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, expected graduation 2013
M.A., Communication, Media & Theater, Northeastern Illinois University, 2009
B.S., Advertising/Communication, University of Illinois–Urbana, 2004

Focus of Graduate Studies and Research Interests:

Doctoral student in rhetoric with a focus on how alternative lifestyles have been mainstreamed through popular culture and the use of new media. My particular interest includes how alternative communities use technology and online spaces to create a rhetoric that defines the alternative identity and purpose, while allowing for inclusion of those that fit the alternative definition.

Additional Concentrations:
Rhetorical Leadership Certificate - 2011

Teaching Interests and Experience:

My coursework is preparing me to teach all levels of courses related to rhetoric and gendered studies. I have taught CMT 214/Business and Professional Speaking and COMM 101/Interpersonal Communication. I anticipate teaching COMM 103/Public Speaking and COMM 335 Critical Theory.

Relevant Professional Service Activities/Non-academic Career Background:

President, Graduate Advisory Committee, UWM, 2010
Vice-President, Graduate Advisory Committee, UWM, 2009
Affiliate Marketing Program Director, Contractor, 2007-2009
Website Promotions & Communication Manager, Sears Holding Corp, 2007
E-Commerce Marketing Manager, Market Day, 2006-2007
E-Commerce Marketing Manager, MBM Company, 2004-2006

Recent Research

Stache, L. (2012). Where did you hear that?: A case study of informal communication network. J. Wrench (Ed.). Casing Organizational Communication. Dubuque, IA: Kendall-Hunt.

Stache, L. & Burrell, N. (2011, November). Metaphors of Friendship in Real Housewives of New York. Paper to be presented at the 2011 National Communication Association Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Stache, L. (2011, November). Power, Truth and Authority in Online Chat Forums. Paper to be presented at the 2011 National Communication Association Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Stache, L. (2011, July). The Rhetoric of Anonymous: Identity, Strategy and Morality. Paper presented at the ALTA Conference, Utah.

Stache, L. (2011, April). Becoming the bride: How websites use narratives to create a bridal identity. Paper presentation at the 2011 Central States Communication Association Conference, Milwaukee, WI.

Stache, L. (2010, November). Pink truth: The women who want to bring down Mary Kay®. Paper presented at the National Communication Association Convention, San Francisco.

Stache, L. (2010, April). and community: Reinforcing expectations one bride at a time. Paper presented at the Central States Communication Association Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio.