Arrington Stoll

Arrington Stoll

Ph.D. Student, 1st year

Office:Johnston 335




M.A., Communication Department, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, May 2013 B.A., Communication & Minor, Business, UW- Milwaukee, December 2010
M.A., Department of Sociology, Northern Illinois University, 2007
B.S., Department of Sociology, Northern Illinois University, 2005

Focus of Graduate Studies:

First year doctoral student in interpersonal communication with an emphasis on close relationships, lying, deception, and the dark side of communication.

Research Interests:

My research focuses on the effects of lying in relationships. Currently for my thesis, I am studying the different types of lies in relationships. Past research has been on society’s influence on whether people get married or not get married, social support analyzing students medical blogs and lying in intimate relationships.

Teaching Experiences:

My current coursework is preparing me to teach all level courses related to interpersonal communication, and communication in close relationships. I am currently teaching Communication 105, Business and Professional Communication.

Relevant Professional Service Activities/Non-academic Career Background:

  • Delta Sigma Pi (DSP) Professional Business Fraternity
  • Graduate Student Senator, UW-Milwaukee
  • Secretary- Student Government Executive Branch - UW-Milwaukee
  • Academic Misconduct Committee - UW-Milwaukee
  • Non-Academic Misconduct Committee - UW-Milwaukee
  • Senate Finance Committee - UW-Milwaukee
  • Senate Appropriations Committee - UW-Milwaukee
  • Union Policy Board Committee - UW-Milwaukee
  • Campus Activities Board Committee - UW-Milwaukee
  • Council on Diversity & Inclusion Committee - UW-Milwaukee
  • Student Life & Interest Committee - UW-Milwaukee

Recent Research:

Stoll, A., Becker, K., & Schneider, S. (2012, July. How we lie: An exploration of deception in intimate relationships. International Association for Relationship Research Conference.Chicago, Illinois.

Stoll, A.,(in press). Making the Choice: The Influence of Messages and Relational Sources about Marriage. Central States Communication Association,Kansas City, KS, April 2013.