Course Template for Rhetoric/Public Communication

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Leslie Harris,
John Jordan,
Kathryn Olson,

900-level Methods Courses - 6 credits minimum (Required)

Commun 900: Philosophy and Practice of Communication (3 cr.)
Commun 952: Methods in Communication Research: [subtitle] (3 cr.; may be repeatable up to 6 cr. with change of topic)

Thematic Rhetoric/Public Communication Courses - 15 credits minimum (Required)

Commun 735: Theories of Rhetorical Communication
Commun 762: Argumentation in Theory and Practice
Commun 772: Rhetorical Leadership and Ethics
Commun 835: Seminar in Contemporary Public Address
Commun 860: Seminar: Issues in Communication when it is a Rhetoric Theme (3 cr.; repeatable up to 9 cr. with change in topic)
Commun 862: Public Deliberation
Commun 872: Rhetoric of Constituting Community and Social Controversy
Commun 873: The Digital Mirror
Commun 882: Rhetoric of Kenneth Burke
Commun 893: Rhetoric of/and the Internet

Electives - 21 additional credits minimum (beyond the 15 Thematic Rhetoric Credits)

Commun 701: Critical Analysis of Communication

Additional Rhetoric courses from the above list

Non-rhetoric 700 - and above level Communication courses

Approved graduate courses from other departments, such as:

Anthro 744: Theories of Social Action: Understanding Agency and Social Structure
English 709: Rhetoric, Writing, and Information Technology
English 713: Qualitative Research in Writing and Literacy
English 732: Modern English Grammar
English 734: The Rhetoric of Written Discourse
English 750: History of Rhetoric I: Classical Rhetoric
English 751: History of Rhetoric II
English 753: Contemporary Rhetorical Theory
English 755: Issues in Composition Studies
English 761: Discourse Analysis
English 764: Sociolinguistics
English 765: Semantics and Pragmatics
English 812: Seminar in Theories of Composition and Rhetoric
English 850: Seminar in the History of Rhetoric
English 853: Seminar in Contemporary Rhetorical Theory
JMC 835: Politics and the Mass Media
JMC 860: Seminar in Mass Communication
Ad Ldsp 757: Principles and Foundations of Adult Education
Ad Ldsp 777: Leadership in Multicultural Organizations
Ad Ldsp 897: Seminar in the Philosophy and History of Adult Education