Service Brief

The faculty of the Department of Communication have established a tradition of serving the community and profession.

  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Service Award
    This award is given annually to only one faculty member for their service contributions to the community. One of our faculty members, Nancy Burrell, has received this award.


Faculty members often serve as consultants to local profit and nonprofit organizations. Recent clients include:

  • Milwaukee Public Schools
  • Milwaukee County Family Court Counseling Services
  • Milwaukee Mediation Center
  • Corporations including: Northwestern Mutual Life, IBM, Allstate Insurance, Data General, Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation, Ameritech.
  • The department also houses the Campus Mediation Center which serves both the local community and university.


Faculty members are very active in professional organizations. Faculty serve or have served as elected officials in such organizations as:

  • American Association of Training and Development
  • American Association of University Professors
  • Central States Communication Association
  • International Communication Association
  • International Network on Personal Relationships
  • National Communication Association

Faculty also serve as editors, or associate editors and on the editorial boards of including academic journals:

  • Journal of Applied Communication
  • Research Argumentation and Advocacy
  • Communication Monographs
  • Communication Studies
  • Communication Quarterly
  • Human Communication Research
  • Quarterly Journal of Speech
  • Journal of Social and Personal Relationships
  • Western Journal of Communication


Department faculty have a long history of participating in the governance of the UWM campus through membership on the faculty senate and committees at many levels. Leadership positions on campus committees have included:

  • Chairs, Divisional Committees of the Arts and Humanities, Professions, and Social Sciences [consulted in cases of tenure and promotion]
  • Chair, University Committee [Executive committee of the faculty senate]
  • Chair, Academic Planning and Budget Committee
  • Chair, Academic Program and Course Committee
  • Chair, Admissions and Records Policy Committee
  • Chair, Awards and Recognitions Committee
  • Chair, Codification Committee
  • Chair, Extension Policy Committee
  • Chair, Faculty Ethics Advisory Committee
  • Chair, Faculty Rights and Responsibilities Committee
  • Chair, Graduate School Research Committee
  • Chair, Lectures Committee