Communication - 2007 News Archive

As an invited speaker at the international conference on Exploring Media Worlds at Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, Feb. 29-March 2, 2007, Professor Sandra Braman delivered a paper on "Media Law in a Postmodern Legal Environment," chaired a panel on "Transnationality, Space, & Place," and spoke on "Setting a New Agenda for Media Studies" as a member of the concluding Plenary Roundtable.

A study conducted by YBP Library Services found that Professor Sandra Braman's 2006 book, Change of State: Information, Policy, and Power (MIT Press) ranked 7th in a listing of top-selling books to libraries in the area of politics and law. in Canada ( listed the book as 7th in a listing of best-selling communication law books in that country.

Associate Professor Erik Timmerman and co-author S.N. Madhavapeddi (MA, 2006) published "Perceptions of Organizational Media Richness: Channel Expansion Effects for Electronic and Traditional Media across Richness Dimensions," IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, 51, March, 2007, 18-32.

Professor Sandra Braman delivered a public lecture on "The Paradoxes of Openness: The Four Faces of Postnormal Science," at the University of Bergen, Norway, on March 13, 2007.

MA student Ji-Hyun Kim received a grant in March from the Department of Communication to partially support data collection in Korea for the thesis, "Reframing the Cultural Differences between East and West."

As an invited speaker at the European Communication Policy Research conference in Seville, Spain, March 31-April 1, 2007, Professor Sandra Braman commented on ways in which user innovations in the use of information technologies could provide the basis of innovations in policy-making processes.

Professor Sandra Braman is responding to questions from Norwegian citizens about the US elections on the website of the Norwegian newspaper, Bergene Tidenes (Bergen Times) -- ranked the top newspaper in the country in 2007 -- and will continue in this role through the elections in November.

Professors Tae-Seop Lim, Mike Allen, and Nancy Burrell joined co-author Sangyeon Kim (MA, 2005) in publishing "The Relativity and Salience of Identity across Cultures," Speech and Communication, 8, 2007, 178-202.

Professor Sandra Braman's book, Change of State: Information, Policy, and Power (MIT Press, 2006), was the subject of an "Author Meets Critics" panel at iConference 2008 -- the conference for information (science) schools -- February, 2007, Los Angeles.

Professor Sandra Braman published "Silence and the Construction of Reality," in Ethics and Information Technology, 9(4), 2007, 281-295.

In February, 2007, Adjunct Professor Rob Ricigliano completed his third trip within 9 months to Afghanistan to assist Mercy Corps, a relief and development agency. Ricigliano's work helps the agency build the capacity of their Afghan staff to deliver training in negotiation and communication to communities and local governments engaged in conflict. Rob also worked with senior Mercy Corps staff on how to analyze conflict and build conflict sensitivity into their programming.

Professor Sandra Braman's book,Change of State: Information, Policy, and Power (MIT Press, 2006), was nominated for two book awards: the book of the year award of the International Communications Association, and the Communication Policy Book Award of the McGannon Center.

Professor Mike Allen joined co-authors Erin Sahlstin and Tara Emmers-Sommer, both former MA students who are currently on the faculty of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, in the paper "Communication, Distance, and Parent-Child Relationships: A Meta-Analysis," presented to the Western Communication Association in Denver, February, 2007.

Professor Sandra Braman delivered a public lecture, "Power in the Informational State: The Social Effects of Information Policy," at the University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway, in February, 2007.

On February 25, 2007, Adjunct Professor Rob Ricigliano appeared on Fox 6's Milwaukee Morning News to discuss Afghanistan and on WUWM News to discuss Iraq.

Professor Sandra Braman's 2004 edited collection, The Emergent Global Information Policy Regime (Houndsmills, UK: Palgrave Macmillan) which had gone out of print, came back into print permanently as an electronic edition that produces bound hardcover copies of the book upon demand.

Adjunct Professor of Communication and Director of International Education Programs, Center for International Education, Rob Ricigliano received a grant from the John W. Kohler Foundation to write Macro-level Peacebuilding, a book for academics, practitioners and policy-makers seeking to understand how to make systemic peaceful change in conflict-affected countries.

Rhetorical Leadership graduate student Emily Lenard was selected for an internship with Governor Jim Doyle's office for Spring 2008.

Professor Kathryn Olson's article, "The Comic Strategy of 'Deferral to Study:' Creating Space in Divisive Religious Disputes to Value Both Community and Convictions," was published in Journal of Communication and Religion, 30 (2007), 266-307.

Associate Professor John Jordan delivered an invited lecture, "Reshaping the Pillow Angel: Plastic Bodies & The Rhetoric of Surgical Solutions," at Boston College (Boston, November).

Professor Kathryn Olson's paper "Rhetorical Leadership in Communicating Change in Business Environments" was presented to the Association of Business Communication (October, Washington, DC).

Adjunct Professor Rob Ricigliano was a featured speaker at an Ontario Bar Association tribute to Roger Fisher upon his reception of a lifetime achievement award for his accomplishments in conflict resolution (September, Toronto).

Assistant Professor Leslie Harris was elected secretary of the Rhetorical and Communication Theory Division of the National Communication Association.

Rhetorical Leadership graduate student Angela McGowan was selected for an internship with State Senator Lena Taylor's campaign for Milwaukee County Executive for Spring 2008.

In December, Adjunct Professor Rob Ricigliano completed the second of two 2007 trips to Afghanistan to work with Mercy Corps, an international relief and development agency that runs one of the largest reconstruction programs in Afghanistan. Ricigliano is involved with Mercy Corps on two projects. One focuses on capacity-building for national staff who work with conflict in their village-based programs. The second is developing assessment methods for the organization's macro-level peace-building in Afghanistan.

Assistant Professor Leslie Harris presented the papers, "Limiting the Rule of the Father: Culture and Legal Change in Nineteenth Century Child Custody Law" and "Race and Motherhood in the Anti-Slavery Movement" to the National Communication Association (Chicago, November).

Professor Kathryn Olson was interviewed regarding the radio-only Democratic presidential primary debates by WUWM for a story that aired December 4, 2007.

Associate Professor John Jordan's article, "Disciplining the Virtual Home Front: Mainstream News and the Web During the War in Iraq," was published in Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, 4(3), 2007, 276-302.

A Federal Communications Law Review book review of the edited volume, Media Diversity and Localism, higlighted Professor Sandra Braman's warning against fetishizing diversity as a policy goal under conditions in which a multiplicity of voices is necessary but insufficient as an effective guarantee of participatory democracy. Other recent reviews of Braman work include a second review of the same book in Commlaw Conspectus and a review drawing her book Change of State to the attention of economists in the Journal of Economic Literature.

Professor Kathryn Olson presented the paper, "Student Perceptions of How and Why an Argumentation Course Fulfills Its GER Learning Objectives," to the National Communication Association (Chicago, November).

Associate Professor John Jordan published the essay, "Sports Commentary and the Problem of Television Knowledge," in Flow, 7(1), 2007, available online at

Professor William Keith published Democracy as Discussion: Adult Civic Education and the American Forum Movement with Lexington Books in February 2007; the paperback edition was released in October 2007. The book was the subject of a guest lecture at the University of North Carolina in October, and the annual Fall Lecture at the Kansas State's Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy in November. The book was also the subject of an "author meets critics" panel at the National Communication Association (Chicago, November), and has been nominated for the Rhetoric Society of America book award.

The National Communication Association's Women's Caucus presented Professor Kathryn Olson with the Francine Merritt Award "for her outstanding contributions to the lives of women in Communication."

Professor Sandra Braman is the Freedom of Expression Professor at the University of Bergen in Norway from January through June of 2008. Over the course of the professorship Braman will deliver three public lectures, provide research guidance to faculty and graduate students, and convene an international colloquium, Anti-Terrorism Laws and Freedom of Expression in the Digital Environment: Comparative and Transnational Developments.

Professor William Keith presented an invited lecture to the World Bank conference on Generating Genuine Demand (October, Paris) based on his book Democracy as Discussion. The program was sponsored by the program Communication in Governance and Accountability (CommGAP,, and Keith presented on the application of American traditions of civic education to developing countries. World Bank staff followed up by attending a workshop conducted by Keith (along with John Gastil of the University of Washington, Martín Carcasson of Colorado State University, and Tim Steffensmeier of Kansas State University) at the National Communication Association (Chicago, November).

Professor Renee Meyers delivered an invited Lecture, "Millennial Workers: Communication Issues Between the Generations," to the Die Kunst des Alterns conference (Kassell, Germany, October).

Assistant Professor Susan Szmania is a visiting researcher at the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (Tec de Monterrey) in the Department of Journalism and Communication in Monterrey, Mexico, for the academic year 2007-2008. She is investigating the transition from written legal proceedings to oral criminal trials in the Mexican legal system.

Professor Sandra Braman's 1996 article, "Art in the Information Economy," initially published in the Canadian Journal of Communication, was republished in Marko Stamenkovic (Ed.), art-e-conomy: theoretical reader (Beograd, Serbia: Saminex Publishers).

Professor Renee Meyers co-authored, with David Seibold of University of California-Santa Barbara, the article "Group Argument: A Structuration Perspective and Research Program," published in Small Group Research, 38, 312-336.

Professor Sandra Braman published "The Ourobouros of Intellectual Property: Ethics, Law, and Policy in Africa" in the International Review of Information Ethics.

Professor Renee Meyers and Associate Professor Erik Timmerman, with graduate student Ali Gattoni, delivered the paper "Using Instant Messenger to Communicate in Romantic Relationships" to the National Communication Association (Chicago, November).

Professor Renee Meyers, in collaboration with Aimee Lau of Wisconsin Lutheran College, presented the paper, "Student Perceptions of Classroom Group Work: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly," to the National Communication Association (Chicago, November).

Graduate students Jen Huber, Malynnda Johnson, Rachael Hill, Professor Renee Meyers, and David Seibold of University of California-Santa Barbara presented the paper, "Examining the Argument Process in Jury Decision Making," to the National Communications Association (Chicago, November).

Professor Sandra Braman's book, Change of State: Information, Policy, and Power was published in 2006 by MIT Press. As of November 2007, she has been invited to give book talks at almost 20 universities across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and South Africa, including Oxford University, the University of Michigan, Indiana University, Michigan State University, the University of Pennsylavnia, the University of Toronto, and the University of Amsterdam. The book will be the subject of an "author meets reader" panel at the international I-Schools Conference in February of 2008.

Allen becomes Editor of Communication Monographs: As of January, 2008
Professor Mike Allen begins his official term as editor of Communication Monographs, the 2nd oldest journal of the National Communication Association (NCA). The journal is the leading journal for NCA for social science research. The selection is based on a national search and positive evaluation among candidates by the NCA publications board and Legislative Assembly.

The research of graduate students Elizabath Babin and Shannon Ahrndt is featured on the Graduate School's Research Profile magazine.