26th Linguistics Symposium 2011

June 21-23, 2012

Organizing Committee

  • Merry Wiesner-Hanks, History, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, Chair
  • Gwynne Kennedy, English and Women's Studies, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
  • Tanya Tiffany, Art History, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
  • Deirdre Keenan, English, Carroll University
  • Brian Sandberg, History, Northern Illinois University
  • Linda Austern, Music, Northwestern University
  • Lori Newcomb, English, University of Illinois
  • Amelia Zurcher, English, Marquette University
  • Carla Zecher, French Literature, Newberry Library
  • Amy Leonard, History, Georgetown University
  • Susan Dinan, History, William Patterson University
  • Wendy Wall, English, Northwestern University
  • Diana Robin, Italian and Classics, Newberry Library
The image above is a small part of the 1452 Leardo map of the world, owned by the American Geographical Society Library at UWM, and used by permission.