26th Linguistics Symposium 2011

June 21-23, 2012

Call for Proposals

We are no longer accepting proposals.

Proposals for workshops that address the conference themes may now be submitted, to atw-12@uwm.edu. Detailed instructions on submission below. Deadline: September 30, 2011.

Workshop Guidelines

Workshops that facilitate active participation and focused discussion of questions and issues raised by the conference theme and plenary topics have been an essential part of previous Attending to Early Modern Women symposia, and will continue to be so. Workshop proposals, comparative or interdisciplinary in focus, should indicate how the organizers intend to achieve these ends by circulating readings, questions, and other materials in advance, framing them, and opening up discussion–all in no more than twenty minutes of the ninety-minute workshop. Workshops should allow participants to share information and ignorance, pass on knowledge, ask advice, and learn something new. Evaluations from past conferences indicate that, while few organizers read papers, some lectured on readings for most of the session and used the remaining time for questions on the readings rather than an open discussion of the topic. We strongly discourage such delimiting formats. Proposals should attend to the form as well as to the content of the workshop, and the form requires conversation and collaboration.

We cannot accept individual proposals; those who need to locate another organizer in a different discipline or national culture should contact the conference organizers with your ideas at atw-12@uwm.edu and we will seek to match you with others.

Criteria for evaluating proposals

  1. Comparative or interdisciplinary focus: Proposals must address questions and issues relevant to at least one of the conference themes or plenary topics and should represent at least two academic disciplines, two national cultures, or two eras. The disciplinary specialization of the conveners or the materials on which their workshop will focus should reflect a comparative emphasis.
  2. Form: Proposals should indicate the readings (or other materials such as pictures, slides, recordings, films, or dramatic presentations) and should address the question of time: how the preliminaries will be kept to a maximum of twenty minutes, how the readings will facilitate discussion, and how the organizers will foster other means of interaction.
  3. Originality: Proposals should indicate how the workshops will help us think in new ways about important issues and/or raise new questions focused around one of the plenary topics.

Preference will be given to proposals that meet all the above criteria and are relevant to one or more of the plenary themes. Graduate students are encouraged to submit proposals.

Send electronic proposals to atw-12@uwm.edu in .doc or .pdf format by September 30, 2011.

All proposals must include the following:

  1. Title of workshop.
  2. A two-to-three sentence summary of its focus and its relevance to a particular plenary or plenaries; please indicate its comparative nature.
  3. Name, institutional affiliation, and disciplinary specialization of each organizer.
  4. Name of one organizer who will act as the contact person. This organizer must provide his or her home and institutional addresses, e-mail address, and telephone numbers. One organizer will also be responsible for submitting a written summary of the workshop after the conference for possible inclusion in the proceedings volume.
  5. 1 to 1 1/2 page description of the workshop addressing the workshop criteria.
  6. A preliminary list of readings (no more than 15-20 total pages, or 30 minutes reading per workshop) with the number of pages or other materials for prior circulation indicated, if applicable. You may include a list of additional SUGGESTED readings.

If your workshop is accepted, the workshop description and reading list will be posted on the conference website. Readings will also be posted in a password-protected space; workshop organizers must provide either the hard copy of their readings or the electronic text by January 15, 2012.

All workshop organizers are expected to register for, attend, and participate in the entire conference, not just their workshop. Please ensure that all organizers are committed to participating before submitting a proposal.


The image above is a small part of the 1452 Leardo map of the world, owned by the American Geographical Society Library at UWM, and used by permission.