17th Annual Mini-Conference on Critical Geography

List of Possible Topics

This two-day conference aims to provide an inclusive venue for the broad discussion of themes in critical geography. While the conference was borne of geography, we welcome all interdisciplinary work that examines the geographies of critical social theory and progressive political praxis. In recent years, papers and panels have been presented on a broad array of topics, and possible topics for presentation could include:

  • Gentrification and Urban Struggles
  • Cities and Citizenship
  • Migration, Transnationalism, and Post-Nationalism
  • Post-Colonial Issues
  • Critical Geopolitics and Imperialism
  • The State, Security, and Surveillance
  • Local Politics and Geographies
  • Social Movements and Dissent
  • The Right to the City
  • Political Ecology, especially Urban Political Ecology
  • GIS and Society
  • Counter-mapping
  • Urban Sustainability
  • Interactions between Human and Physical Geographies
  • D/development
  • Critical Poverty Studies
  • Peace Studies
  • Violence and War
  • Cultural Politics
  • Marxian Studies
  • Work and Labor
  • The Geography of Financial Crisis
  • Identity including Race, Class, Gender, Sexuality, (Dis)Ability, Age
  • CyberSpaces and Virtual Geographies
  • Space, Place, and Power
  • Emotional Geographies and Geographies of Affect
  • Neoliberalism(s) and contestation

This list of topics is not meant to be exhaustive. We encourage those interested in participating to explore any range of interests and to use the conference as an opportunity to expand their current research agenda, explore new theoretical landscapes, increase inter-disciplinary linkages, and/or receive feedback on works in progress.