Conference Themes and Plenary Speakers

Phenology 2012 Conference

Future Climate and the Living Earth

Conference Subthemes and Plenary Speakers
Climatic drivers and constraints of phenological change
Toby Ault, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado, USA
See conference presentation - pdf (5mb)
Communicating phenology through education, outreach, and training
Arnold van Vliet, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
See conference presentation - pdf (3mb)
Observing and modeling phenologies
John Kimball, University of Montana, Polson, MT, USA
See conference presentation - pdf (3mb)
Phenological perspectives on climate change, sustainable resource management and cross-sector applications
Abe Miller-Rushing, National Park Service, Bar Harbor, Maine, USA
See conference presentation - pdf (3.3mb)
Species migrations, invasions, range shifts, and synchronies
Jonathan Davies, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
See conference presentation - pdf (2mb)
September 10-13, 2012
Conference Products

Peer-reviewed scientific articles (based on selected papers presented at the conference) have been published in a special issue of the International Journal of Biometeorology (Volume 58, Issue 4, May 2014).