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Administrative e-mail Addresses (for internal use only)
Name Position/Responsibilities Email Phone Building
Swain, Rodney A. Dean Email Icon 229-5895 NWQ B 5498
Bell-Massey, Jacquelyn Secretary Email Icon 229-5895 NWQ B 5495
Renda, Lex Summer and Winterim Instruction Email Icon 229-5211 NWQ B 4428

Clark, Dave Associate Dean, Humanities

Email Icon 229-5891 NWQ B 5472
Moyer, James Associate Dean, Social Sciences

Email Icon 229-5883 NWQ B 5477
Surerus, Kristene Interim Associate Dean, Natural Sciences

Email Icon 229-2925 NWQ B 5488
Wesley, Craig Assistant Dean, Administrative Affairs & Personnel Email Icon 229-5284 NWQ B 5541
Arthur, Mary University Services Program Associate Email Icon 229-5611 NWQ B 5483
Daley, Linda Sr. Administrative Program Specialist, Personnel
Email Icon 229-6316 NWQ B 5535
Preuss, Anne Human Resources Assistant Email Icon 229-5894 NWQ B 5525
Thao, Gotha Human Resources Assistant Email Icon 229-4664 NWQ B 5459B
Weidner, Sandy HR Assistant for Classified positions Email Icon 229-7260 NWQ B 5531
Kissinger, Patricia Assistant Dean, Unit Business Representative Email Icon 229-4446 NWQ B 5578
Beck, Bernadette Financial Specialist Email Icon 229-6356 NWQ B 5584
Kempken, John Accountant Email Icon 229-6354 NWQ B 5575
Masch, Janna Financial Specialist Email Icon 229-3097 NWQ B 5569
Solita, Erik Accountant Email Icon 229-5479 NWQ B 5585
Sukup, Caterina Salary Budget Administration Email Icon 229-5888 NWQ B 5579
Switalski, Lisa
University Services Program Associate

Email Icon 229-4916 NWQ B 5565
Jo, Connie Assistant Dean, Curriculum; Schedule and Catalog; Governance; Assessment Email Icon 229-5878 NWQ B 5438
Darnell, Mike Curriculum, Schedule, Governance Email Icon 229-2749 NWQ B 5432
Guenther, Jeff Assessment Email Icon 229-6358 NWQ B 5414
James, Will Interdepartmental Programs Email Icon 229-5362 NWQ B 5424
Powers, Kate Interdepartmental Programs Email Icon 229-6686 NWQ B 5420
Roberson, Christine University Services Associate II

Email Icon 229-4422 NWQ B 5428
Ding, Deanna Assistant Dean, Marketing, Communication, PR Email Icon 229-2923 Merrill 114
Mann, Sarah Writer Email Icon 229-2947 Merrill 115
Miller, Daniel (Milo) Graphic Design
Email Icon 229-5882 Merrill 115
Nordholm, Madeline Recruiter
Email Icon 229-7711 Merrill 116

Swetzig, Kyle


Email Icon


Merrill 116

McCaffery, Christina Senior Development Director Email Icon 229-4963 Merrill 118
Prak, Annie Development Specialist

Email Icon 229-3294 Merrill 122
Piercy, Cindy Interim Assistant Dean, Student Services, Advising Email Icon 229-5872 Holton 118
Cuneo, Andy College Connections and On-Line Programs Email Icon 229-2787 Holton 157

Mickens, Deona

Off-Campus Community Programs

Email Icon


Holton 118

Kavanagh, Jim Director, Information Technology Email Icon 229-5552 NWQ B 5410
Bartelt, John Assistant Director, Facilities/Equipment Email Icon 229-4917 Merrill 242
Hruby, Homer Senior Web Developer, Web Group Email Icon 229-6883 NWQ B 5530