How can DAC help?

DAC students gain practical skills in creating and critically analyzing digital art and media, as well as an understanding of the cultural and political implications of a host of emerging technologies.

Why should I consider an interdisciplinary certificate in Digital Arts and Culture?

Graduates in the 21st century will participate in a digitized, globalized, society with a corresponding information-based economy in which the most valued employees will be able to creatively produce and manage information on a variety of platforms, and critically understand short and long term effects of those platforms. A DAC certificate on your résumé communicates to employers that you have the skills they most desperately need.

How many more courses will I need to earn the DAC certificate?

The certificate requires only eight courses or 24 credits, from three categories. You can choose 4 (from 8) core courses, 2 (from over 40 approved) media analysis electives in and 2 (from over 30 approved) media production electives. In fact, if your major or minor is in the Peck School of the Arts, The College of Letters and Science, or the School of Information Studies, you may have already taken courses that complete DAC requirements. Most DAC students who major in these areas usually only need 3 classes outside their major requirements to complete the certificate.