DAC Contact Information

To apply to the DAC program and declare your pursuit of the DAC Certificate, print, fill out and return the Declaration Form to Marc Tasman, DAC coordinator, Bolton Hall 570 (mailbox in Bolton 510), or to Kate Powers, L&S Interdepartmental and Certificate Programs Specialist, Holton Hall 286.

Contact the DAC Advising Team to arrange a meeting to discuss your academic plan at dac-info@uwm.edu, or (414) 229-6686.

Marc Tasman
Bolton Hall 570

Fall Office Hours: T/R 11am-noon.

Kate Powers 
Holton Hall 286

Office Hours: by appointment.

For announcements of events, additional information about the program, course updates and special topics courses follow DigiArtsCulture on Twitter, like DAC on Facebook, and visit the DAC-NET blog.