Faculty Collaborators

The interdisciplinary network of faculty collaborators in Digital Arts and Culture come from across the schools, colleges, and departments at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Some of our largest institutional stakeholders are the College of Letters and Science (L&S), The Peck School of the Arts (PSOA), and the School of Information Studies (School of Information Studies). If you are faculty and would like to be added to (or removed from) this list, contact UWMilw-DigiArts@uwm.edu.

Jasmine Alinder (History/Urban Studies)
David Allen (Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies)
Aneesh Aneesh (Sociology)
Joe Austin (History)
Gilberto Blasini (English/Film Studies)
Sandra Braman (Communication)
Chris Burns (Music)
David Clark (English)
Shelleen Greene (Art & Design)
Thomas Haigh (School of Information Studies)
Lane Hall (English)
Rebecca Hall (School of Information Studies)
Ann Hanlon (UWM Libraries Digital Humanities Lab)
Jennifer Johung (Art History)
John Jordan (Communication)
Nadine Kozak (School of Information Studies)
Elana Levine (Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies)
Thomas Malaby (Anthropology)
Stuart Moulthrop (English)
Lisa Moline (Art & Design)
Michael Newman (Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies)
Tasha Oren (English/Film Studies)
Peter Paik (English/Comparative Literature)
Matthew Russell (Comparative Literature/UWM Libraries Digital Humanities Lab)
Pete Sands (English)
Arijit Sen (Architecture & Urban Planning)
Amanda Seligman (History/Urban Studies)
Nathaniel Stern (Art & Design)
Marc Tasman (Journalism, Advertising, and Media Studies)
Tami Williams (English/Film Studies)
Anne Wysocki (English)
Michael Zimmer (School of Information Studies)