DAC Certificate

DAC Featured Student

Name: Joel Rottier
Major: Graphic Design
Year: Graduated 2012

Joel earned his DAC certificate while pursuing a B.A. in Graphic Design. He has a passion for amazing web design and a kryptonite-like weakness for that minimalist fruit logo. During his studies at UWM, he secured an internship at Jigsaw, LLC, and worked for the UWM Letters & Science Web Office. One of his projects was the design and creation of the website you are looking at now! Nice, huh?

Connect: Twitter, LinkedIn, Website

Current Students

While many students pursuing the Digital Arts and Culture Certificate are also working toward completing Bachelor's degrees from various schools and colleges around UW-Milwaukee, there are some students who pursue the DAC certificate as a stand-alone certificate that can be completed in one year. Whatever path you take to DAC, it is bound to lead you to a new network of people and ideas. In addition to the course work there are opportunities for Internships and Research Fellowships that provide deeper links to experiences and creative communities of innovators using the latest technology and new media.


DAC Alumni go on to do amazing things in the Arts, Media, and Information industries both as self-employed professionals and as valued employees for small and large enterprises alike. Currently DAC Alumni are working in a range of positions, as Design Professionals, News Producers, Special Event Coordinators, and Media and Technology Specialists. You can get connected with some DAC Alumni on the UW-Milwaukee DAC LinkedIn page.