Affiliated Programs

B.A. in Global Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies and the Global Studies Minor allow students to incorporate a meaningful international dimension into their pre-professional studies. Through foreign language and overseas studies and internships, they develop critical intercultural communication skills. Additional coursework in their selected professional fields prepares students for a job market in which the ability to function effectively in multicultural and international environments is highly valued.

Master of Human Relations and Labor Relations

The Master of Human Relations and Labor Relations (MHRLR) program offers students an interdisciplinary blend of courses and faculty in the areas of human resource management and labor relations. The MHRLR program prepares students for careers as practitioners, and emphasizes a firm educational grounding in both the liberal arts and business administration. This grounding includes knowledge of human resources, staffing, labor relations, the legal system, and statistics.

Center for Research in International Economics

The Center for Research in International Economics (CRIE) is a research and policy center for transforming the debate about how best to achieve a sustainable and equitable economic system. It is a resource center for the university and members of the public who wish to broaden their understanding of economic issues and problems in the U.S. as well as other countries.