UW-Milwaukee Graduate Alumni

Welcome to the Graduate Alumni page of the UWM Department of Economics. We would like this page to be a resource for both Ph.D. and M.A. graduates of the department. If you would like to be included (or excluded) from this list, please contact Prof. Bahmani.

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Sumit Agarwal (PhD, 1998), Professor of Economics and Finance, National University of Singapore

Jacqueline Agesa (PhD, 1996), Professor of Finance, Marshall University, West Virginia

Saif Alhakimi (PhD, 2002), Associate Professor of Economics, Hodeidah University, Yemen

Yanal Almanasir (MA, 2008), US AID, Jordan

Janardhanan Alse (PhD, 1993), Professor of Economics and Finance, Indiana University Southeast

Seyhan Arkonac (PhD, 1993), Adjunct Professor of Economics, New York University (email)

Salim Araji (PhD, 2014), Economic Affairs Officer, United Nations, Lebanon

Harjit K. Arora (PhD, 1984), Professor of Economics, Le Moyne College, New York

Luis Arreaga (PhD, 1981), Deputy Assistant Secretary, U.S. Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs

Benjamin Artz (PhD, 2008), Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Wisconsn-Oshkosh  

Sahar Bahmani (PhD, 2007), Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Wisconsin-Parkside

Michael P. Barry (PhD, 1998), Associate Professor of Economics, Mount Saint Mary University, Maryland

David Bashaw (PhD, 1998), Director of Economic Education, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater.

Najiba Benabess (PhD, 2007), Associate Professor of Economics, Norwich University, Vermont

David J. Bernstein (PhD, 1996), Managing Economist, LECG, and Adjunct Professor, Department of Economics, Temple University, Philadelphia

John Bitzan (PhD, 1997), Associate Professor of Management, North Dakota State University

Marzieh Bolhassani (PhD, 2008), Assistant Professor of Economics, Penn State University-Hazelton.

Dominic Brewer (UWM MA, 1989; PhD Cornell) Gale and Ira Drukier Dean, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development, New York University

Romkaew (Punruckwong) Broehm (PhD 1992), Principal, The Brattle Group, Cambridge, Mass.

Taggart J. Brooks (PhD, 1999), Associate Professor of Economics, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

Ford J. Brown (PhD, 1998), Manager of Quantitative Risk Analysis, XCEL Energy, Denver, CO (email)

U. Sarat Chandran (PhD, 1992), Advisor, Independent Evaluation Office of the International Monetary Fund, Washington DC.

Yvonne Chen (PhD, 1998), Associate Professor of Economics, Shenandoah University, Winchester, Virginia

Miao Chi (PhD, 2011), Assistant Professor, Drew University, New Jersey

I-Ming Chiu (PhD, 2000), Associate Professor of Economics, Rutgers University - Camden, New Jersey

Souphala Chomsisengphet (PhD, 2000), Deputy Director, Credit Risk Analysis, Office of the Controller of the Currency, Treasury Department, Washington DC

Michael Coon (PhD, 2012), Assistant Professor of Economics, Hood College, Maryland

Sarah (Eckenrod) Cosgrove (PhD, 2003), Associate Professor of Economics, University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth

Chad Cotti (PhD, 2006), Oshkosh Defense Endowed Professor of Economics, University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh

Tristan Coughlin (PhD, 2009), Assistant Professor of Economics, Augustana College, Illinois

Ali Dadpay (PhD, 2007), Associate Professor of Economics, Clayton State University, Georgia

Anusua Datta (PhD, 1999), Associate Professor of Economics, Philadelphia University, Pennsylvania

Susan (Donohue) Davies (PhD, 1997), Assistant Director, Graduate Program in Human Relations and Labor Relations, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Charles Decrucq (MA, 2010), Catastrophic Risk Manager, Chartis Insurance (email)

William Delwiche (MA, 2006), Economist and Investment Strategist, Robert W. Baird & Co., Milwaukee

Ilker Domac (PhD, 1994), Regional Head of Economics, Citigroup, Istanbul Turkey (email)

Denis Drechsler (MA, 2004), Policy Analyst, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, Rome, Italy. 

Bjoern Eberhardt (PhD, 2006), Head of Global Macroeconomic Research, Credit Suisse Private Banking , Switzerland (email)

Claire Economidou (PhD, 2004), Assistant Professor of Macroeconomics , Piraeus University, Greece.

Paul Emrath (PhD, 1989),  Vice President of Survey and Housing Policy Research, National Association of Home Builders, Washington, DC.

Kenneth Fjell (PhD, 1998), Professor, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration

Christopher Fletcher (PhD, 2013), Economist, Federal Housing Finance Agency, Washington DC (email)

Daniel Fuhrmann (PhD, 2010), Associate Scientist and Statistician, Center for Applied Behavioral Health Research, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Alejandro Gallegos (PhD, 1986), Professor of Economics, Winona State University, Minnesota

Abera Gelan (PhD, 1993), Associate Professor, Department of Africology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Juan Gelves (PhD, 2009), Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, TX

Ian Glenn (MA, 2008), Research Consultant, The Lewin Group, Eden Prairie, Minnesota (email)

Gour Goswami (PhD, 2003), Professor of Economics, North South University, Bangladesh

Steffen Habermalz (PhD, 2002), Senior Lecturer in Economics, Northwestern University, Illinois

Patricia Hallinan (PhD, 1994), Professor of Economics, Edgewood College, Madison, Wisconsin.

Massomeh Hajilee (PhD, 2010), Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Houston-Victoria

Martin Hart-Landsberg (PhD, 1974), Professor of Economics, Lewis and Clark College, Oregon

Hanafiah Harvey (PhD, 2005), Assistant Professor, Penn State University-Mont Alto

Scott W. Hegerty (PhD, 2007), Assistant Professor of Economics, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago. 

A. Michael Heimert (PhD, 1988), Managing Director, Transfer Pricing, Duff and Phelps, Chicago

Amr Hosny (PhD, 2013), Economist, International Monetary Fund, Washington DC (email)

Hans Isakson (Ph.D. 1977), Professor of Economics, University of Northern Iowa

Brian Jacobsen (PhD, 2002), Associate Professor of Economics, Wisconsin Lutheran College

Jim Jin (UWM MA, 1988; PhD Purdue), Senior Lecturer, School of Economics and Finance, University of St. Andrews, Scotland

Albert Beckford Jones (BA, 1981; MA, 1982), Chairman Emeritus & CEO of Trading & Consulting International, Inc and Senior Advisor to the President of the U.S. Civilian Research Development Foundation

Orhan Kara (PhD, 2002), Professor of Economics, West Chester University, Pennsylvania

Muge Karacal (PhD, 2005), Assistant Professor of Economics, Izmir University of Economics, Turkey

Russ Kashian (PhD, 1999), Professor of Economics, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

Vicki Knoblauch (PhD, 1991), Professor of Economics, University of Connecticut

Heather Kohls (PhD, 2003), Director of Global Business Learning, Adjunct Associate Professor of Economics, Marquette University, Milwaukee

Akbar Komijani (PhD, 1983), Vice Governor, Central Bank of Iran and Associate Professor of Economics, University of Tehran

Swati Kumari (PhD 2013), Credit Risk Analyst, Trans Union, Chicago Illinois.               

Emily Lechtenberg (PhD 2010), Economics Instructor, Marquette University, Milwaukee

Nabil Ben Ltaifa (PhD, 1993), Senior Economist, International Money Fund, Washington DC (email)

Margaret Malixi (PhD, 1988), Professor of Economics, California State University - Bakersfield

Kasim Mansur, (PhD 2000), Associate Professor of Economics, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia. Current Position: Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni) (email)

Hardik Marfatia (Ph D, 2013), Assistant Professor of Economics, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago

Richard McGregory (PhD, 2004), Assistant Vice Chancellor, UW-Whitewater

Murat Mercan (PhD, 2009), Assistant Professor, Gebze Institute of Technology (Turkey).

Hamid Milani (PhD, 1986), Professor of Economics, UW-Marathon County.

Laurie A. Miller (PhD, 2012), Assistant Professor of Economics (practice), University of Nebraska – Lincoln

Jessica Milli (PhD, 2013), Senior Research Associate, Institute for Women's Policy Research, Washington DC

Ida A. Mirzaie (PhD, 1999), Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics, Ohio State University

Ilir Miteza (PhD, 2001), Professor of Economics and Associate Dean of the College of Arts, Sciences and Letters, University of Michigan - Dearborn

Rajarshi Mitra (PhD, 2009), Lecturer, Graduate School of Economics, Kyushu University, Japan. (email)

Madhu S. Mohanty (PhD, 1990), Professor of Economics and Statistics, California State University - Los Angeles

Kristen Monaco (PhD, 1998), Senior Research Economist and Director of Compensation Research, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Washington DC

Hosne Mridha (PhD, 2002), Assistant Professor, North Carolina Central University

Konar Mutafoglu (MA, 2001; PhD in Economics TU Berlin) Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Queensland, Australia

Kyriakos Neanidis (PhD, 2005), Reader in Macroeconomics, Manchester University, England

Pascal T. Ngoboka (PhD, 1987), Professor of Economics, University of Wisconsin - River Falls

Scott M. Niederjohn (PhD, 2003), Associate Professor of Economics, Lakeland College, Wisconsin

Judex Oberholzer (PhD, 1984), Partner, Urban Econ -- Development Economists, Pretoria South Africa

Patrick O'Halloran (PhD, 2003), Associate Professor of Economics, Monmouth University, New Jersey

Maharouf Oyolola (PhD, 2007), Associate Research Scientist, African Population and Health Research Center, Nairobi, Kenya

Nisit Panthamit (PhD, 2002), Associate Dean, Faculty of Economics, Chiang Mai University, Thailand (email)

Sayeed Payesteh (PhD, 1993), Professor of Economics, University of Wisconsin - Fond du Lac 

Mohammad Pourheydarian (PhD, 1989), Professor of Business, Lindsey Wilson College, Kentucky

Gregory N. Price (PhD, 1993) Charles E. Merrill Professor & Chair, Department of Economics, Morehouse College, Georgia

Artatrana Ratha (PhD, 2002), Professor of Economics, Saint Cloud State University, Minnesota

Hyun-Jae Rehe (PhD 1994), Professor of Economics, Cheongju University, Korea

Lynn Riggs (PhD, 1998), Economist, US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Washington, DC

Kristen Roche (PhD, 2011), Assistant Professor and MBA Director, Mount Mary University, Milwaukee

Rosemary Rossiter (PhD, 1980), Professor of Economics, Ohio University

Steffan Rudiger (PhD, 2008) Clinical Associate Professor of Economics, Arizona State University

Keith R. Sherony (PhD, 1982), Professor of Economics, St. Norbert College, Green Bay

Joshua Shindell (Ph.D., 2010), Quantitative Analyst, Ashford Consulting Group, Wilmington, DE.

John S. S. Ssozi (PhD, 2011), Lecturer of Economics, Baylor University

Johanna Storck (MA 2008; PhD FU Berlin), Research Fellow, DIW, Berlin.

Altin Tanku (PhD, 2005), Research Director, Central Bank of Albania (email)

Geoffrey K. Turnbull (PhD, 1983), Professor of Finance, Central Florida University

Jeffrey Valentin-Mari (PhD, 1999), Associate Professor of Economics, University of Puerto Rico

Benjamin Van kammen (PhD, 2013), Continuing Lecturer, Department of Economics, Purdue University

Bin Wang (PhD, 2005), Associate Professor, St. Edward's University, Austin, Texas

Yongqing Wang (PhD, 2005), Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Wisconsin-Waukesha

Zheng Wang (PhD, 2014), Assistant Professor of Economics, Capital University of Economics and Business, Beijing China 

Gregory Whitten (MA, 2003 PhD Pittsburgh), Assistant Professor of Economics, Lingnan University, Hong Kong

Kenneth Wilson (PhD, 1991), Professor of Economics and Director of the UAE National Research Foundation, Zayed University, Dubai

Shee Q. Wong (PhD, 1983), Professor of Finance, University of Minnesota - Duluth

Martin A. Wurm (PhD, 2009), Assistant Professor of Economics, Pacific Lutheran University

Jia Xu (PhD, 2010), Assistant Professor of Economics, St. Mary's College of Maryland

Guangliang Ye (PhD, 2006), Professor, Hanqing Advanced Institute of Economics and Finance, Renmin University of China

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