Scott DrewiankaScott Drewianka

Associate Professor

Office: Bolton Hall, Room 886
Phone: (414) 229-2730(414) 229-2730(414) 229-2730(414) 229-2730
Web Site:


Ph.D., University of Chicago
M.A., University of Chicago
B.A., Carleton College

Research Interests:

Labor Economics, Demographic Economics, Microeconomics

Current Projects:

"Long-Term Unemployment and Intergenerational Earnings Mobility." (with Murat Mercan)

"Heterogeneity in Exposure to Permanent and Temporary Earnings Shocks."

"Household Production and Risk-Aversion."

"Wal-Mart and Local Labor Markets, 1990-2004." (with Dain Johnson)

Selected Publications:

"How Much is a Green Card Worth? Evidence from Mexican Men Who Marry Women Born in the US," Labour Economics, Forthcoming (with Miao Chi).

“Can Rising Inequality Explain Aggregate Trends in Marriage? Evidence from U.S. States, 1977-2005,” BE Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, 11(1), January 2011, Article 3 (with Tristan Coughlin).

"Cross-Sectional Variation in Individuals' Earnings Instability," Review of Income and Wealth, 56(2), June 2010: 291-326.

"Constrained Labor Supply and Risk-Aversion," Economics Letters, 101(2), November 2008: 130-33.

"Divorce Law and Family Formation," Journal of Population Economics, 21(2), April 2008: 485-503.

"Economic Restructuring and Labor Market Inefficiency: Evidence from Cross-Sectoral Data," Southern Economic Journal, 74(1), July 2007: 214-238 (with Chad D. Cotti).

"A Generalized Model of Commitment," Mathematical Social Sciences, 52(3), December 2006: 233-251.

"Estimating Social Effects in Matching Markets," Review of Economics and Statistics, 85(2), May 2003, 409-23.