Scott DrewiankaScott Drewianka

Associate Professor

Office: Bolton Hall, Room 886
Phone: (414) 229-2730(414) 229-2730(414) 229-2730(414) 229-2730
Web Site:


Ph.D., University of Chicago
M.A., University of Chicago
B.A., Carleton College

Research Interests:

Labor Economics, Demographic Economics, Microeconomics

Current Projects:

"Long-Term Unemployment and Intergenerational Earnings Mobility." (with Murat Mercan)

"Heterogeneity in Exposure to Permanent and Temporary Earnings Shocks."

"Household Production and Risk-Aversion."

"Wal-Mart and Local Labor Markets, 1990-2004." (with Dain Johnson)

Selected Publications:

"How Much is a Green Card Worth? Evidence from Mexican Men Who Marry Women Born in the US," Labour Economics, 31(1), December 2014:103-116 (with Miao Chi).

“Can Rising Inequality Explain Aggregate Trends in Marriage? Evidence from U.S. States, 1977-2005,” BE Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, 11(1), January 2011, Article 3 (with Tristan Coughlin).

"Cross-Sectional Variation in Individuals' Earnings Instability," Review of Income and Wealth, 56(2), June 2010: 291-326.

"Constrained Labor Supply and Risk-Aversion," Economics Letters, 101(2), November 2008: 130-33.

"Divorce Law and Family Formation," Journal of Population Economics, 21(2), April 2008: 485-503.

"Economic Restructuring and Labor Market Inefficiency: Evidence from Cross-Sectoral Data," Southern Economic Journal, 74(1), July 2007: 214-238 (with Chad D. Cotti).

"A Generalized Model of Commitment," Mathematical Social Sciences, 52(3), December 2006: 233-251.

"Estimating Social Effects in Matching Markets," Review of Economics and Statistics, 85(2), May 2003, 409-23.