John HeywoodJohn S. Heywood

UWM Distinguished Professor

Director of Masters in Human Resources and Labor Relations
Bolton Hall, Room 832
(414) 229-4437  (414) 229-4310
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Ph.D., University of Michigan
M.A., University of Michigan
B.A., Swarthmore College

Research Interests:

Labor Economics, Industrial Organization, Location Theory, Applied Microeconomics

Current Projects:

The determinants and consequences of alternative payment schemes, models of spatial price discrimination, strategic delegation.

Selected Publications:

"Per Unit vs. Ad Valorem Royalties under Asymmetric Information," International Journal of Industrial Organization, Forthcoming. (with J. Li and G. Ye).

"Did Liberalizing Bar Hours Decrease Traffic Accidents?" Journal of Health Economics, 35(2), May 2014: 189 - 98. (with C.P. Green and M. Navarro).

"Strategic Delegation in an Experimental Mixed Duopoly," Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 87(1), March 2013: 91 – 100 (with N. Du and G. Ye).

"Performance Pay and the Black-White Wage Gap," Journal of Labor Economics, 30(2), April 2012: 249 - 90 (with D. Parent).

"Piece Rates and Workplace Injury: Does Survey Evidence Support Adam Smith?" Journal of Population Economics, 25(2), March 2012: 569 - 90 (with K.A. Bender and C.P. Green).

Performance Pay, Risk Attitudes and Job Satisfaction," Labour Economics,  18(2), April 2011: 229 - 240 (with T. Cornelissen and U. Jirjahn).

"Does Performance Pay Increase Job Satisfaction," Economica, 75, November 2008: 710 - 28 (with C.P. Green).

"The Implicit Wage Costs of Family Friendly Work Practices," Oxford Economic Papers, 59(2), April 2007: 275 - 300 (with W.S. Siebert and X. Wei).