John HeywoodJohn S. Heywood

UWM Distinguished Professor

Director of Masters in Human Resources and Labor Relations
Bolton Hall, Room 832
(414) 229-4437  (414) 229-4310
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Ph.D., University of Michigan
M.A., University of Michigan
B.A., Swarthmore College

Research Interests:

Labor Economics, Industrial Organization, Location Theory, Applied Microeconomics

Current Projects:

The determinants and consequences of alternative payment schemes, models of spatial price discrimination, strategic delegation.

Selected Publications:

"Performance Pay and Workplace Injury: Panel Evidence," Economica, Forthcoming. (with B. Artz).

"Per Unit vs. Ad Valorem Royalties under Asymmetric Information," International Journal of Industrial Organization, 37(1), November 2014: 38 - 46. (with J. Li and G. Ye).

"Did Liberalizing Bar Hours Decrease Traffic Accidents?" Journal of Health Economics, 35(2), May 2014: 189 - 98. (with C.P. Green and M. Navarro).

"Strategic Delegation in an Experimental Mixed Duopoly," Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 87(1), March 2013: 91 – 100 (with N. Du and G. Ye).

"Performance Pay and the Black-White Wage Gap," Journal of Labor Economics, 30(2), April 2012: 249 - 90 (with D. Parent).

"Piece Rates and Workplace Injury: Does Survey Evidence Support Adam Smith?" Journal of Population Economics, 25(2), March 2012: 569 - 90 (with K.A. Bender and C.P. Green).

"Performance Pay, Risk Attitudes and Job Satisfaction," Labour Economics,  18(2), April 2011: 229 - 240 (with T. Cornelissen and U. Jirjahn).

"The Implicit Wage Costs of Family Friendly Work Practices," Oxford Economic Papers, 59(2), April 2007: 275 - 300 (with W.S. Siebert and X. Wei).